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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Red and Black Travelers Notebook --Sold OUT

Black and Red valentine Travelers Notebooks.  $37.00 each - - shipped within the USA only.  Additional shipping for outside the USA.   Please watch the video (Val TN) where I show you all the inserts and all little additional embellishments you will be getting.  yay!

There are only these 2 with the papers showed, I can not recreate these exactly as I do not have any more of the papers I used to create the inserts.
To get one, e-mail me at  

If you want a red and black TN-- Email me at and we can discuss it.
Thanks for your support.

**The $37.00 is through Paypal, Friends, and Family... if you want an invoice email me and please note the cost will be $39.00 since I will have to pay Paypal fees on top of the shipping.

Thanks!!! big hugs, Elsa


  1. Have they sold yet? I emailed you this morning.

  2. Hello...yes these sold out. Are you Dianna? If so, please check your email...if you are still interested I will make you a Red and Black one. thanks!


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