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Thursday, May 15, 2014

HI Miss you all!

Wow talk about neglecting a blog huh?  Like you all know by  now, I'm working out side the home, and as if that wasn't enough, I'm also back in school.  Yay except it's taken me away from Crafting.  I think the last day I crafted was right before Valentines, it was also my last video.  I sure miss all of you! I was doing clear rubber stamps for a while but that also had to be put on the back burner.

Now that summer is "trying" to peep around the corner, the days are longer so I might find some mojo and go into my craft room after work and maybe do some videos, but no promises, especially since the weather has been soooo wishy-washy!

I live in Florida and on the 29th of April we flooded!! it was awful...lots of homes are still trying to recoup from the damage.  The high levels made the rivers  and sewage pipe lines over flow so many unfortunate people home's were flooded not only with water but with sewage.  The water has resided but now the mold is growing.  Went from awful to awful! :(
We did  really good, the only thing that flooded, with only water thank God, was my backyard and of course, my craft room.  The water came through the door soaked my carpet.   It dried ok and I was lucky there is no mildew-y smell or nothing.   My sweet hubby made it all good!!!
here are some pictures I took the day after the flood...April 30, 2014.

This is my back yard! Now ~ "LakeSapp" lol
 photo mybkyrd_zpseca75186.jpg
This is someone house :(
   photo some1shouse_zpsb3086596.jpg

The Local Ruby Tuesdays
 photo rubytuesdays_zpsde40d0f6.jpg

 Someone's house :(
   photo 1_zps8bc907c2.jpg

My Chiropractors office!!! Can't even see the road, :( sadness.
   photo chiro_zps29d6c0ef.jpg

A daycare about a mile from my house :( look at the bus~ ruined.  photo daycare_zps403531cf.jpg

And while we flood, my poor sister in California is fearing wild fires!
Lets pray for the safety of everyone we know...Mother nature is acting weird this year!

Once again...thank you all for your continued support!