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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my BIRTHDAY today

Hi! so today I celebrated my 47th birthday.  I remember thinking, 30 was "old" once upon a time, oddly enough 47 is NOT old at all!!  I had a great day, even though I had to go into work!!    But I had a good day at work...Krystal bought me a coffee first thing in the am and contact lens drops lol See the thing is that for the first time in EVER I am "TRYING" to wear contact lens.  NOT fun, my eyes were dry all day and in some kind of pain or other. BUT over all I'm glad that I WILL eventually get used to them...moving on...later that day, my boss took me to eat.  SHRIMP our local "Shrimp Basket" restaurant.  Then I came home to BRANDI (my baby girl) --who came over to baked me brownies in a cup! The darnest thing. she has this set of oven/cook ware ... see the photos below.  too cool... you pour the mix into the cow cups, and stick in the oven...then presto...brownies in a cup!!!  IT was awesome! the perfect ending!


Thanks so much for stopping!! enjoy your day!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

LOVE IS IN THE AIR and in our Dens!

Happy Valentines!!!
Thanks for visiting our February Hop! Just a Few Friends has been steadily working on creating and altering gift bags! We were challenged to create our project using the following colors...RED, PINK, BROWN, BLACK...we could use them all, only one or a combination of two, three...well you get the point.
This is a special Hop because a new Cub has joined the PRIDE!! This is her first hop and would love it if you all would show her some luv, approach her Den with TLC.
Now lets pounce onto my project,  these are my baggies
Oh oh…we all now have our own individual FAN PAGEs over on FaceBook.
Click HERE it will take you the PRIDES page where you will find everyone’s FAN PAGE address … come LIKE US!!!   

Elsa       ~~your here

Carrie is our new CUB!! 
Visit the Cub page and meet the PRIDE. Click HERE.

Thanks so much for stopping by and as always...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Preparing you all for the upcomin VALENTINES DAY HOP!

HI ALL!!! Ok so I did a mini tutorial on a baggie I will be using for our upcoming blog hop! All the cubs are busy creating their own bags, or altering store bought bags!  The hop is coming up on Feb 9th! I can't wait to see what everyone creates.  In this video, I comment how YOU can do a video respose showing me your Valentines decorated baggie,  to get a chance to win some lace... Now you have to use this style baggie to put in the drawing...if you don't do videos, then use the linky below and show me photos from your blog!

here is the TUTORIAL...