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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BEST NEWS EVER!! Straight from the HEART!!!

I am soooooo excited!!! Guess who made it to the Heart Felt Creations semifinals ??? Come'n... guess!!! lol  ME ME ME ME!!! LOL Yes mam... sooo now I get to try for the finals! I am so humbled to be among such talent... Emma Lou made my day with that ONE email!!!

They also have this voting thing, where they want ya'll to go vote for your favorite, which would be me right? lol so if you have a chance go vote for me and 4 others...
here is what the HFC blog says about the voting...

"Vote for your favorite Semifinalists:  We would love to have you participate and vote your 5 favorite semifinalists. Review each one of their blogs and then  CLICK HERE here to submit your vote. Voting ends on March 25th, 2016.

 So, HERE !!! vote for me... ELSA SAPP!! YAY!!! thanks you all...
the following are 2 of the entries I created...

 photo BagCard1_zpsbtwt2xnq.jpg 

 photo HeartAlteredBox3_zpsy38kpcrf.jpg 

 photo HeartAlteredBox2_zpsxejhgp3n.jpg 

I decoupaged the HFC leaf swirls to the box... pictures do not do it justice... ((grin))
 photo HeartAlteredBoxSide4_zpsrvrkkw37.jpg

Friday, February 19, 2016

I made some Purdies!

Hello!! How is everyone doing??  Things here have finally cooled down a little bit, but I am so ready for summer.  Have had enough of winter... but hey... let me show you what I have been up to... lookie-lookie how purdy these flowers look!  They were made using Heart Felt Creation stamps and dies.  I am working on a How to video to show you the process for this this card... I also made a matching envelope, you can see it in the last pic below
 I have a couple other project to show you... I'll post them soon...

 photo CardwithEnvelope2_zpspdwrdgz3.jpg

 photo CardwithEnvelope5_zpsbkoszw6p.jpg

 photo CardwithEnvelope3_zpstz5rn5er.jpg

 photo CardwithEnvelope4_zpsxlamu2cx.jpg

 photo CardwithEnvelope1_zpsythcijw9.jpg

These would make lovely Mother's Day cards don't you think?? 
 Let me know how you all are doing... 
and as always.... 
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine Cards Tutorial

Hi all! February is here...and soon Valentines.  I am starting early with my Valentines cards, this is an older video I wanted to share.  (Just in case you missed it :)  

Every Valentines, I get something special for each of my girls.  I was getting them a piece of jewelry until my youngest informed me she does NOT want jewelry! imagine that! lol She says she tries to wear it but just can't do it. It bothers her, so I will have to find something else for her this year. Now, Krystal...she is all about the bling and I have her gift in mind already. So I need to get my cards ready!

What do you usually do to celebrate Valentines?  When I was young girl, my mother never celebrated anything but Christmas, so as an adult and mother, I tend to over do ALL the holidays. It's how I have the most fun. Plus it's my birthday MONTH!!!  sooooo, I hope you all have fun celebrating this holiday of  Love!

Thanks so much for visiting and as always...