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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NO Rock for me! :( lol

Hello ladies!!! I have missed you all. As sad as I was to wake up Christmas morning and not find The Rock sitting under my tree wtih his huge red bow and a smile I managed to have a great day! I did get a red Wii!!! Great little machine to keep you mind busy and body fit! WOW, I have been playing on that thing for hours. I might not have time for nothing else! For the first time in like 3 or 4 years my husband and I actually spent 6 hours playing together!!!! and had fun!!! Usually I'm in my studio, creating and he will be playing his Xbox. but the last few days we have been bowling, playing softball and golf!
 I also got the Wii Fit and ladies, if you EVER considered joining a gym, but couldnt because of the membership expense, the contracts and finding time to get there, please consider buyin the Wii and the Wii fit. I know I sound like a commercial, but omg...this machine is awesome. I have been doing Yoga, aerobics and finding my balance all while having fun. It tracks your weight and all your progress. Its ideal for weight loss and its fun!!! You should try it. I love it, the best gift ever!!!
I have been taking a break from crafting, 1st cause I was sooooooooooo sick and now because of the Wii, but soon after the new year I will be posting some projects.  Please keep checking back.
How was all of your Christmas?? Please share with me, let me know your still out there!
love you all....
If your planning on going out to Celebrate the New Year please be safe!!!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One more thing...

LADIES...I need a favor from ALL of you...this  Christmas all i asked for was  for "The Rock" everyone keep your fingers crossed that Santa drops him in on me with nothing but a huge red bow and a smile!!!! lmao so, everyone at the same time now, chant...HOPE ELSA GETS HER GIFT, HOPE ELSA GETS HER ROCK, HOPE ELSA GETS HER GIFT... LOL

Im on my way to have and early Christmas at my sons house...he has to work Christmas eve and Christmas day so we are having an early speical pizza filled day so we could share some happiness with him and my two grand kids, Destenie and Ryan.  

Have fun in what ever your all doing today!

hugs and kisses

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Silent NIght...Holy Night...

Silent Night, is one of my favorite Christmas songs and its playing right now.

Hi ladies!!! I am so relieved to report that I am finally doing better!!!!
It has been a rough month for me! The only good thing about all this was that I had lots of time to think of several new projects! Can't wait to get on those.  But it will probably after Christmas, laying around got me wayyyyyyyyy behind on holiday cheer preparations! lol  
Thanks to all who left such sweet Get Well messages, I luv ya all!!

and I want to wish you all a
Very Merry Christmas filled with health, love and Chocolate!!!
 and if you get too much chocolate or dont like chocolate you ship to me in care of Elsa at

Talk to you all after Christmas.......
and as always...
thanks for stopping by
huggens and squeezens

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hello ladies, no I haven't forgotten you guys...I just have not been doing very well this December.  What ever I had a few weeks ago, has come back for round 2!! All I want to do is lay around and groan n moan!  I wanted to apologize for not being able to put out the tutorial on the mini tag album for those that requested it! I just havent much had the energy to do so.  And if you guys follow Krytals blog you are aware that she has been fighting strep throat!  Not a fun few weeks for us gals!   But I promise as soon as I get to feeling better I will try and post that tut. I apologize! 
I hope you all are doing well and that your Christmas preparations are well on their way!!!

Love, hugs and kiss

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tick Tock, Time is running out!

Hello, I'm getting excited about Christmas! My girls love opening presents, they are grown, yet I love to see their faces when they unwrap the boxes. Every year I have to  wait longer and longer to wrap them and put them under the tree because they go over and shake them, and try to guess what' in them. Krystal always want to take ALL her gifts and put them together in a pile...then Brandi likes to rearrange ALL the fits by size and box shape! She will do this 3 , 4 times!!! lol It just too cute.  Brandon has been so good at not messing with the tree, he just takes his little finger and touches the ball ornaments ever so gently, he is such a good kid!! My heart, next only to my girls.
But for the following project...I wont say much about since I do ALOT of talking in this video. I will say that this mini a lot like the black and red mini I posted a few days ago.  You can find this mini up for auction HERE or do a search for JAFDT...but I think I SAY all this in the video except I say "this is day 5, I neglected to say that Im 5 days behind! lol !!! okkk so here goes...enjoy... xoxoxo

and as always
THANKS for stopping by

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I want the warmth back! Blk n Red mini album

Hi...ok...who ever wished winter was here...take it back! lol It is soooo cold tonight. The weather man said the words..."Freezing" or "Below Freezing temperatures!" What? But I live in Floirda!! Sunny, hot, humid!! ahhhh, never happy lol cause if you scroll down and read my summer posts I think you can find me complaining about the heat! lol Hey its my god givng right to lol So needless to say I intend on staying indoor A WHOLE LOT!   Plus notice how much heavier the traffic gets around this holiday? Why is that? where are all these drivers during the other 11 months of the year? Do they ONLY come out to shopp for Christmas??? It's so odd!

Well. enough of that...for some inspiration. I think I'm addicted to creating paper bag albums. We are on day 6 of the 12 days of christmas over on ebay but this is my 3 project for day 3, Im a wee bit behind! lol Ima-trying though!! like the little engine that could. :) Our theme was black and red.

I hope you like this and that it inspires you to create Christmas projects outside the green and red color scheme!
If interested in this mini album click HERE or type JAFDT on the ebay search window. THANKS!

And as always...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mini Tag Album

Hi all...I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did! I kept Brandon from Friday night thru Sunday about 2pm.  I had so much fun with the little fellow. He is at the kissing and hugging stage and I just eat that up!!!
I also visited a Ustream class hosted by one of the members of the GGGals... their blog is at  I had a lot of fun chatting with the ladies and learning a few techniques!
And I even won a prize!!! whoo hooo!! I never win anything sooo I was very excited to have won!

Now for my portion of is a video I made of a Tag Mini Album. Its really easy to make and holds tons of pictures. The embellishement of this book has to stay to a minimum because of all the folds and bends this book makes.  I hope you like it and that it inspires you to FOLD paper more often!!

And as always...
Thanks for Stopping
Huggens and Squeezens

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Bear Scrapbook Layout

Moving right along with the 12 days of Christmas at JAFDT. The team members have been assigned themes. This is my second entry...this is my Snowflake themed project. It's up for auction now.  I have been busy busy working on getting this projects out!! But I think I have managed to fall behind...what's new? lol

I want to thank all who have commented about Brandi's Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis. Your kind words and prayers mean alot!  She is not doing really good today, she has been in bed all day.  I got her to eat a lil bit earlier which was a good sign. 

Ok now for my layout!! Let me know what you y'all think and go check it out on HERE.

and as always...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Angel Card and a lil bit about Brandi

Hi all, I have been so busy creating, or trying to. Been really under the weather with flue symptoms! yuck! I get to feeling good one day and the next Im back in bed.  It's been so cold out, we are right in the middle of a cold front and I'm feeling it.
My christmas tree went up 2 days ago, whoyooo! Brandi put it up for me and she did a great job.  She is my LESS is Best girly...she didnt put HALF the onrnaments I put on the poor little tree, but to my surprise it looks awesome!!!   Love to sit in the living room with just the little lights on, so soothing, relaxing.

Brandi also started her own lil blog and joined Krytal and me over at the ebay Design Team...she is making mini albums and layouts. She also tells you a little something about her. My beautiful baby was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was 15. This was after 15 years of doctors saying it was the flue, it was strep throat, it was Bronchitis! I finally found a doc that took the time to run tests. The diag killed me and for months all I could do was cry,. But she is doing soooo good on her meds and her attitude is just awesome. She has a very mild case of CF, thank goodness, its not in her digestive system -- its only affecting her lungs
 :(.  The only good thing about the diagnosis was that she was finally able to get the meds  & treatments she needed.  The first day after she was diag, we came home, she took her med and for the first time in 15 years that child and the rest of the house hold was able to sleep thru the night with out coughing! It was a blessing.  All in all, Brandi is a great kid.  She is in her second semester in college and wants to be a teacher!!!  Please show her some love and visit her blog at:
I don't just come out and talk about it, but I figured if you all visit her blog and read it you would find out anyway since she has her meds and other info on there! lol

Ok now for this...

Im STILL tryin my hand at cards! not going to well, lol I think I attempted several cards before coming up with this one.  I always thought cards would be "Quick" and "Esay",,, ummmm WRONG! lol 
So here is my Angel current up for auction on ebay click HERE to go over to our auctions. JAFDT has several christmas project up for auction.  She is colored in with gel glitter pens and the purple ribbon flower is made by ME! ((I'm hooked on making those now!))

Ok well here is my card...

Well as always....
thanks for stopping by
huggens and  squeezens

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Something to get Stuck

Hello!! We survived the shopping mad craze! was y'alls Thanskgiving???  We had a lovely one, grandkids all over the place, good food, family and friends! I loved it. Brandi's 1st Thanksgiving meal was a great success!!! She did everything perfect and added her own flavor to the food!! So proud of her!!
Krystal and I did the whole black friday thing this year!! for the first time ever!! and it's my LAST time. What a crazy mess that was...OMG. We started at midnight Thanksgiving and attempted to shop at Walmart stayed there for an hour or two. Krystal best described it as, "walking down a high school isle right as the bed rang and all the students were rushing to get to the next class!"  I went bck out at 4am to Micheals and Joanns, by myself came back home at 7am...then Sat Kat and I went back out for a few hours. Needless to say today Sunday Im grounded. Going to enjoy the quiet and scrap!  I get alot of questions about the type of glue I use on my projects, so last night Kat and I did this video on Glue! so hope you enjoy, I have a couple of othre tips in this video, like how to add a switch to your glue gun!!! 
If you all havent had a chance, go show my Kitty Kat some love by visiting her blog over at  Much appreiated!!!

Oh the camera died on us, so we had to make this a 2fer. ((wink))

Now for the vids....

and as always...
Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hello, just a quick note to wish you all a very Happy Thankgiving.
I have so much to be thankful for in  my daughters, my hubby, my grandkids and all of you in cyber world
who drop in on my blog and watch my videos.
I wish you all a happy feast filled with turkey, ham and all the trimmings!  You stay safe ok? Chat with you all later.

huggens and squeezens

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seat Belts...wear them? or not?

I just thought I'd share this video I found on youtube tonight. Powerful message. What you all think?


Friday, November 19, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter...

Is it..."like mother, like daughter, or like daughter like mother?" lol There is that piscen in me again, confusing huh? I think I had it right the first time, cause she is like me not vs, lol! kitty kat..better know as Krystal has her own blog now!!! Besides manning my "Coupon page" which I hope you ladies are taking advantage of, she is now hosting her own lil blog! lol She called it Krystals Night, since we tend to be creatures of the night!

Go visit her at ! Also if you ladies have different coupon requests let her know she will try her best to post them.

Now for some inspiration, continueing in the simple and quick to make projects here is another card. Its simple but it looks so beautiful i think. I colored it with glitter gel inks so it sparkles really pretty and I made a matching evelope. I stamped with the words "thinking of you" on the inside which makes this card ideal for ANY occassion. I hope I can inspire you to create some cards.
Leave me a comment or two, and let me see what your up to!!

And as always...
Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The holidays are almost here!!!

So once again the Holidays are almost here and I am NOT ready! Every year I promise up one side and down the other that I will prepare and be ready and I never am!!!  I try, but nope...LIFE has different plans for me. 
Over at my Ebay design team JAFDT - we are getting ready to do 12 days of Christmas.  That on its own is gonna keep me busy...I think I should go buy and extra coffee pot and have them both running!! lol

Ok now for some inspiration...With the dreaded or anticipated (depending on which side of the fence your standing) holidays approaching I thought some simple gift ideas would be nice. You know theres all those teachers and bus drivers and the butcher! that you appreciate but dont necessarily want to spend a fortune on. Here are some cute note cards. They can be made blank, just with some flowers or simple stamps, or maybe personalize them. I know I always need a quick card for that sudden event! lol  you know...LIFE! lol

These are now up for auction on my ebay account click HERE  you can also do a search by typing in JAFDT.

and as always
Thanks for stopping by

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quickie Onsie Kit

Hello all. I have been so busy trying to get things ready for Thanksgiving. Are you all ready? Brandi, my youngest wants to cook EVERYTHING this year and it's making me nervous! lol She wants no help and thinks she can have everything ready for our crew to enjoy. I said "sure" but now I'm a tad worried. lol She loves to cook and bake but an entire Thankgiving Feast????? Lord help us, I'll take pic and show you all how that turns out! lol   I created a mini onsie, a quickie onsie. Its really simple to make and I have  a kit with it. I figured with the fast pace the holidays bring, easy, quick and cute projects are a must. fI will try and have more quick and easy inpsirations as the days go along and maybe some kits to make it even easier for some of you!  

If you want to purchase this kit please click on the KITS FOR SALE tab! thanks!

 Thanks so much for your  kind words, encouragement and continued support and as always
thanks for stopping

Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't forget your coupon!

Hello just a quick note...Please take advantage of my coupons page. Krystal is keeping it up and this week she has a 50% OFF Coupon for Micheals!!! I know I'm going to use it today, it's printing as we speak! There is also a 40% off for Hobby Lobby, if you can use them please visit ~ Just a few Coupons ~ by clicking the "Coupons" buttons above. Show Krystal some love by leaving her a lil comment, she is doing a great job!!!     Thanks all!!!

and as always....
THANKS for stopping by


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Flower tutorial

Hello! Its been a while I know! I keep trying to post but LIFE, you know...LIFE? it tends to side track me. We had a wonderful Halloween!!! I got to go out with all 3 of my grandbabies and trick or treat for a few hours. Best time ever.

My Brandon was Buzz Lightyear, Ohhh he was so very cute!!! Look at that smile!

My darling granddaughter was a bumble bee she was just adorable!!! And she can pose...cuteness!

and my youngest grandson baby Ryan was a lil slugger...too cute! The evening was nice, meaning not HOT. Did you all enjoy Halloween?

Ok now for some is a tutorial that was requested. I hope you all enjoy!
and as always

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween 2 page Layout

Hello, its been a busy weekend, I spent most of it scrapbooking! Yay! I managed to complete 2 mini albums and a Halloween layout!  We finally got some rain, yesterday and today. It was awesome, we have had a mini drought, it was nice to see lightening and hear some thunder, I love it. I would just love living in Forks! lol 
Now for your inspiration...I completed this layout this morning. I think it turned out great. I used 3 of my doodles, Winnie, Rippley and Ginger plus the Happy Hauntings Cricut cart. It was so much fun to do this, the colors turned out awesome! I took them on the hood of my car with the shinning sun, you can see my shadow on one of the pics.
This layout, if anyone is interested, is now up for auction on Ebay. Search for me by JAFDT (that is the name of my new ebay design team...Just a few Design team. or click HERE, you can see all the pictures there too.

Hope this inspires you to create! I don't do many layouts, but I think I'll try to do a few more
these 2 pages were fun!

This is Winnie

This is Rippley

this is Ginger

I appreciate you so very much,
Thanks for stopping by!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A lil

Hi there, I'm busy creating PINK items for my new group on ebay...Just A Few Design Team! you can find us by doing and ebay search " JAFDT " I'm excited about that!  but hey, I also wanted to get your attention over the the left there, the side bar, I posted HOPE, my bear doodle. Im not sure why it looks so tiny, its the same size as the other doodles, you know Winnie and Ginger...but anyway...she is done in high resolution and 4.x5 but you can resize her to any size, I think mine on the mini is done at 4inche high...I will be posting the other 2 bears soon! THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!!
and as always...
Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, October 17, 2010

OCTOBER, Cancer Awareness month...accordion bear mini

Hi! I had just the "bestest" lol  of times with Brandon today, we played outside with the water hose, he road the lawn mower tractor with pawpaw and then he and I jumped in the whirlpool tub and played until the water got cold!! He was sooo much fun...and now I am soooo tired! lol I did manage to complete this little accordion mini though! Its a part accordion, I used only one of the 3 pages it takes to make the full accordion book. The three pink ribbon bears I drew about a week ago and I will post them soon as digital stamps so you can take advantage of them.  I hope you enjoy this lil video and that it inspires you to create!
HAPPY SCRAPPING! And keep praying for THE CURE!!
Oh the Halloween digital stamps are now on sale for only $2.50!! yay!

 and as always....
Thanks for stopping by

Monday, October 11, 2010

Zoo trip Sat 10--09-10

Hi everyone, first let me say...WHOOOO HOOOO I'm up to 83 followers! Im excited about that, keeps me going when I see you all there on my sidebar.  I try to visit your blogs also but some of you when I click on your photo I cant find a blog or an email to contact.  But please know I appreciate you taking the time to visit with me!!
I am working on another 12x12 page fold, it's turning out really cool, I think it's my fav up to date. I should have it completed by the end of the week...soooo for this post you get to see pictures of me and my grandson Brandon on our Saturday visit to our local zoo.  We had sooo much fun, Krystal and Ray (my son in law) spent several hours looking at all the animals.  The weather was beautiful that day, thank God!
I hope you guys are taking some time out to have fun and enjoy your loved ones.

                                             Here is me getting the girafees to kiss my hands!
                     Love the big cats! This one male was walking around growling, it was impressive!

Here is my heart, he was enjoying his nachos! This little guy had fun let me tell you!
As always...
Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mini 12x12 page binding album and raise you hand if you miss the HOT Weather!

OK, I know I complained about the hot weather. I complained about the humidity I complained about how my hair would frizz the minute I stepped foot outside, BUT that was no reason for the seasons to go from 90 degrees to 40 degrees over night!! Buurrrrr. Its cold out. I wish we could have had at least a couple of weeks of fall weather :(  So I guess its time to dust off my mini ceramic heater and pull out my lap quilts to keep my piggies warms while I scrap.  How's you'alls weather?
I wanted to share this video of my completed 12x12 one page mini album. It's made using the pages for the tutorial I posted a few days ago, you can scroll down and watch it if you haven't already. is my mini, hope it inspires you to create!!

and oh as always.....
Thanks for stopping by

Friday, October 1, 2010


Hi all...well just as promised, here is the tutorial to the sneak peak I posted a few days ago. This tut will show you how to make a mini album page using 1 sheet of paper 12x12.  If you make 5 of these page, you can get 45 pictures and 45 tags!!! I sure hope you can use this tut and that it inspires you to create!  Im thinking on doing a complete book using this technique on Ustream. I havin some issueing getting internet in my studio so, so as soon as THOSE kinks are smoothed out, I will set a date. Please comment if you would be interested in working along side with me! ( The halloween mini will come to Ustream first though)
Enjoy the video...

and as always
Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just a Few Has NEW BUTTONS! plus a sneak preview

Hi all...well I'm starting something new here at Justafew! I now have two buttons, see 'em up there? My main page is getting a tad crowded so I added two specialty pages! yay! Check them out when you have a chance.
Im not sure how many of you follow me on youtube but for those who dont, here is a sneak peak of a page I made, I will post the tutorial Friday for you all to follow.
Thanks so much for your support and thanks for all the wonderful comments!!!

And as always....Thanks for stopping by

Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Mini KIT! about this, Im posting 2x in less than 24 hours!! A first for me, but I wanted to get this kit out. I 've had many emails on where it could be purchased so I had to post a link asap!
thank you all for your support, its such a wonderful feeling. ok here is what you get in the Kit...
(scroll down past this entry to view the complete mini :)
***Being having problems with the Paypal button if you can not access the paypal pay page please contact me and I will invoice you directly. 
THANKS!  you can email me at

*** If you are outside the USA please contact me for shipping prices. Thanks!**

My version of a Halloween Mini

Good afternoon all. Loving the weather!! Wish it would stay like this, but no! soon I will be complaining it's too cold! lol I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I did a lil shopping at Micheals and Joanns Saturday, finally broke down and bought some new cricut sticky mats! lol They are so nice and clean and sticky!! making my life easier, espcially since I had to cute all the pages for my Halloween mini. I took a different take, made it more cicular than squared paged like most.  I hope you enjoy it...I will have a kit coming out tomorrow fot this mini and maybe if you all want this will the project we can together on Ustream.
(yeap still working up the nerve for that one! lol Most all requested a Ustream on my last mini album so Im trying to get a date set up for that as well...Having internet issue in my craft room though, that is my biggest delay to date :( 
Ok well here is a video of my H. Mini hope you enjoy it!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Micheals Coupons (In a rush Hit and Post...)

Hi all, I hope everyone is doing well. I am working on a gatefold Halloween Mini and I just realized I am out of bling!! What is a girl to do???  Well if one has interent one runs to the nearest site that provides coupons and prints one out! lol I refuse to pay full price now a days.  So I thought I would share the savings...
Just right click on the coupon below, it will take you to a separate page where you can print it. :)

Here is another link to 20% off your entire purchase for Sunday the 26th, also just click
the coupon and print!!!

 Ok well this was a run by post! lol Sorta like a Hit and Run...Off to Micheals!
You all have a wonderful Weekend,
And as always...
thanks for stopping

Saturday, September 11, 2010

So many colors!

Hi all. I have not had a chance to scrap in the past few weeks.  Life seems to get in the way! lol  I have been spending lots of time with my grandbaby, Brandon, so its a good trade off I believe. 

I have been having problems desiding on a blog background! HELP!  For those of you who have been by, you have probably noticed the fast changing backgrounds. From deep purple to red and black and now pumpkins!  Is this background too busy? lol

Well Brandon is spending the night. So I have to go check on him, he is asleep but I always worry about him. I must check him all through the night. 
Hope you everyone has a great Weekend.  Stop by, leave me a comment let me know your still out there...

and like aways....Thanks for stopping by...capture memories one by one!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

What a day! Friday Halloween Gift Holders

Hello! Ok so plans didnt go as planned today. I feel I got a lot done, but I didn't get to finish my doodle to post! ack! But I will get to her soon. Brandon spent the night again and the little guy didnt get to sleep until 1am! He loves it here, and he loves his Pawpaw. Krystal (my daughter/his mommy) has taught him to use sign language and its so cute to see him sign. But he is creating his own words! Which makes it hard, as you might imagine. He kept pointing with his little index finger to the top of his head. He kept doing this over and over and pulling on my hand trying to drag me to the back door! Finally Doug (my hubby) suggested we take him outside, maybe he wanted to go sit on the soon as me made it outside he heads towards the back shed where Doug keeps him motorcycle...the little tyke wanted to sit on it and put the helmet on...that is what the pointing to the head meant..."helmet!" lol I just love him, he is such a little person. He will turn 2 on Nov 7th, he is growing way toooooo fast!

Anyway...for inpiration today I wanted to share these money or gift card holders. I used the cylinder from paper towels. I cut it in half to get two. Then I decorated them with handmade flowers. The flowers I made using the paper streamers that are used to decorate for birthday parties. Two huge rolls of those are only a buck at the dollar store and they come in all sorts of colors! Here are some pictures...I am a horrid photographer so excuse the pics please. They look so awesome in person. My kids are too old to trick or treat so I always give them a little something for halloween. Last year I gave them handmade sourcreams containers filled with Candy. Those area really cool to make also and you get to use the corrigator. So this year they get these, with money, they can buy their own candy! lol
These flowers looks sooo pretty in person! They are stickled, and all glittery.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope I inspire you to create! :) lol and NO they are not getting my SAMS card, I just couldnt find anything else while I was doing my "fancy photo shoot!" lol
and as always... 

Friday, September 3, 2010


Hiya........ I know it! I've been MIA! Been so busy with the grandbaby I haven't had time to craft or post, but I have a really cute Halloween doodle to share with youll later tonight. Im on my way to the Post Office right now. I am glad to report that my Abbie mini album sold! I was so happy and sad at the same time. She is my first doodle to ever make it to a project of mine, the first to be printed and colored in!! I really didnt think she would go that fast! But Im sure she is going to a good home.  Sooooo ok, I have to go now, but thank you all for stopping by and for all the sweet email and comments you leave me, I appreciate it, IT's what keeps me going.     :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

A great and quick Recipe... using CORN :)

Hello, I had a laid back Sunday. I don't think I even step foot in my craft room today. It rained all day long, and as much as I tried to sleep today, I haven't been able to stay put! It's now a lil'bit after midnight, Brandi and I just had breakfast on a bun from WataBurger and after this post, I think I'm going to try to get some sleep.

But first I wanted to share this super easy and tasty recipe.  This is the recipe that you will use for all those  covered dish gatherings, cause it's quick, inexpensive, (all you need is a fork and the baking dish, so no dirty mixing dishes!) and plus it's fail proof (unless you burn it! lol)
ok ready?   "Corn Cassarole" (easy easy easy!)
You will need...

2 sticks of butter (sliced into squares)
2 cans of whole kernel yellow corn,  drained
2 cans of cream style corn  
2 boxes Jiffy corn muffin mix

Mix all ingredients together into large casserole dish. (I use a cake pan the long rectangular one i think 9x13) Using a fork stir all ingredient well and Bake at 350 degrees for 55 to 60 minutes.  Keep and eye on it, not all ovens are the same.

This corn casserole is so yummy, and its the one plate everyone requests I bring to gatherings. I'm starting to think that is the only reason they want me there! lol  Give it a try!
(This is a pic I found online, but this is the same dish I use to bake mine in.) :)

As always... THANKS for stopping by!! xoxo Elsa

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday...complete One Page Binding Mini Album on video!

Hello, take a wild guess what our weather is doing?  ((sigh)) if you said Raining, your right! Its raining, again! blah! lol  Krystal just picked up Brandon, he spent the night. I already miss the little fellow. He was so cute and lovable last night. He hugged and kissed all over me and his pawpaw last night. This morning, he had a banana and a bowl of cereal than sat on my lap and  we watched Anastatia.  He is my heart!

Ok, for the inspiration part of my is the video of my completed mini album done using the One Page binding tutorial I posted last week. Hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to create memories!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday...and I have a drawing to show you!

Hi all.  It's cloudy today,  wish it was cloudy and cool, but nope, its cloudy, humid and hot! All the autumn and Halloween decorations are being put up at Hobby Lobby! I can't wait to start working with all those warm colors! Halloween is one of my favorites and who doesn't like the fall?!?!

Ok well today I'm finally going to do it...Im going to show you Abbie. My doodle. I hope you like her. She is in the works of becoming a digi stamp or a rubber stamp! Please let me know what you think of her :) This mini is up for auction on ebay, search under LLDT or click here Abbie Mini Scrapbook
DRUMMM ROLLLL................... LOL

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ahhh, Tuesday morning...Tutorial time One Page Binding

Hi all, well,  Krystal and I crafted all night Sunday continued till 7am non stop, no sleep, at all... then we headed to Micheals Monday morning,  and ending our Monday  relaxing quietly at BooksAMillion sipping on iced coffee. I had lots of fun. She is my best friend. I think we both went home and crashed until this morning!!  Can't wait to do it again!!!
Ok, so now, here is my latest design. This page is so easy to make and allows your mini albums to hold tons of pictures! I will show you the complete mini soon.
Hope you enjoy this and that it inspires you to create!!! :)

Leave me comment, tell me what you think! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday ...My 12 Month Bears...its a boy!

Hi all! I hope everyone had a non stressful Friday, I am just glad the weekend is here. All my laundry is done, my house is nice and clean and that means I get to scrap all weekend!! yay!!
Today I wanted to share this "Baby's Frist  12 Months" album. ( I had intentions  to introduce my drawing, but I'm a bit nervous! So I think I'm putting it aside for a bit. lol )  The baby album I made for a friend, she is giving it to her new born grandson.  Please excuse the pictures, I completed it only a few hours before she was due to pick it up and I didn't have time to take pictures. I actually video taped it and snapped the pictures from the video. ( I don't dare share the video though, I was so sleepy that I sound like zombie! lol) ok are my pics, hope you enjoy them and that they inspire you to make bears!!!


God Bless!