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Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hello!!! Can you all believe Christmas is here! OMG!!! 2012 flew right past me!  I LOVE, LOVE this time of the year though. Especially here in Florida.  Today the weather was 70 degrees, you can't go wrong! We have all the pretty colors of fall, and we've had some cold night, but nothing uncomfortable "yet", so I'm enjoying it since i HATE, hate cold weather!
But to this hop.  12 opportunities for you to be ornament inspired! The Pride of Just a Few Friends, has been soo busy, pouncing to create that ONE special Ornament.  You should see our dens, covered in glitter, ribbon and paper! In my case, my den is covered in sequence!! I chose to create THE one ornament, I'm gonna wanna keep for ever, mainly cause it took FOREVER to make! lol OMG...i didn't anticipate the time this would take, but now that it's done, I love it! All the 600 pins and sequences I used, makes this ornament heavy. Almost feels like it's made from a solid ball, when indeed it's made from a light Styrofoam ball.    
Watch the video HERE to see more on the supplies I used and pictures of the process...
I liked working on this so much I made 2 ornaments, totally different from each other, but equally fun to make!

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Here's the line up! I can't believe the PRIDE has been active for almost one year!!! In one year we are 12 strong!!!  Im so excited!!!  WE have become such good friends! Want to thank you for stopping by and following us.  WE sure appreciate it!!! 

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