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Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hello!!! Can you all believe Christmas is here! OMG!!! 2012 flew right past me!  I LOVE, LOVE this time of the year though. Especially here in Florida.  Today the weather was 70 degrees, you can't go wrong! We have all the pretty colors of fall, and we've had some cold night, but nothing uncomfortable "yet", so I'm enjoying it since i HATE, hate cold weather!
But to this hop.  12 opportunities for you to be ornament inspired! The Pride of Just a Few Friends, has been soo busy, pouncing to create that ONE special Ornament.  You should see our dens, covered in glitter, ribbon and paper! In my case, my den is covered in sequence!! I chose to create THE one ornament, I'm gonna wanna keep for ever, mainly cause it took FOREVER to make! lol OMG...i didn't anticipate the time this would take, but now that it's done, I love it! All the 600 pins and sequences I used, makes this ornament heavy. Almost feels like it's made from a solid ball, when indeed it's made from a light Styrofoam ball.    
Watch the video HERE to see more on the supplies I used and pictures of the process...
I liked working on this so much I made 2 ornaments, totally different from each other, but equally fun to make!

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Here's the line up! I can't believe the PRIDE has been active for almost one year!!! In one year we are 12 strong!!!  Im so excited!!!  WE have become such good friends! Want to thank you for stopping by and following us.  WE sure appreciate it!!! 

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  1. Dear Alpha these are amazing. I love the sequinned ornament. So very pretty...I bet your tree is going to sparkle!!

  2. Oh mi hermana ... los adornos de Navidad son una preciosidad! Has hecho un trabajo magnífico! Me encantan! Creo que podría probar uno mismo. Gracias por siempre me inspira para crear belleza en mi mundo. No tienes idea de lo que su inspiración y amistad significa para mí!
    Feliz Navidad...
    abrazos y besitos mi amiga,

  3. OMG!!! Super Cute Love the Sparkles

  4. Love the ornaments. Wow 600!!!!!! I can tell it took you a long time.. You have 2 different nail polishes in your video. LOL But really girl, they are both beautiful.
    Thanks for everything.

  5. Hi Elsa and Krystal
    OMG these are so pretty and sparkley. I made these years ago,but with easter egg shape styrofome. I just added a bow on the top to hang on the Easter tree.
    I know what you mean about the 600 pins.I made them in mixed colors, and solid colors. I put on a sequin then a seed beed through the pin. I love the bling you added. Love your tallent.
    (ps)Transformer card.

    Margaret Ann

  6. Gorgeous ornaments Elsa. For some reason, I can't see the pics on this blog. I am so glad you linked the video; otherwise I would have missed out on just how gorgeous these ornaments are. You are so patient. There is no way I would be able to finish that sequin one. As gorgeous as it it, I would have thrown the stryofoam ball out the window two hours into the project. It would not be an ornament, but a faux snowball in my front yard. lol Seriously, great job. I love them both. A lot of time and love went into creating them. The end results are amazing.

  7. OMG Elsa these are just gorgeous....absolutely gorgeous....and OMG all those pins!!!! Love ya muchly Sissy....{{{hugs}}} Kimi xx

  8. Beautiful ornaments Elsa!!! I remember when I was a little girl my grandmother and mother would decorate styrofoam balls. tfs, hugs, Violet

  9. Very pretty, Elsa. You must have a lot of patience!

    Hazel (in the UK)

  10. Wow Elsa! These are gorgeous! A ton of work - makes it so worth it :)

  11. Wow! That took a lot of time and patience! Beautiful!!


  12. Elsa..these are so super cute!!!!!!
    Que detalles tan bellos. Fantástico. No dejas de sorprenderme.

  13. Hoy volví a verlas.....estan bien chulas

  14. I love these ornaments! great ideas and so unique!

  15. I love to see these ornaments...thank you

  16. Hi Elsa I have been watching your YT vids there great so thought as I had a blog I would follow you here as well so I dont miss a thing, hehe.
    Chris x


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