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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday...midnight...Butterfly card

Hello...well my whole Mon-Wed-Fri post went to the wayyyy side this week! lol Entirely too much to now I'm gonna do random postings! lol I don't make many cards but I thought it would fun to make one so I made this card with an old stamp I had purchased before the paper-mania caught up with me. Hope you enjoy the video and that it brings you a tad of inpiration to bring out and use all those old stamps.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wow, what day is it?? Look, I made FLOWERS!

Hi all...well apparently I missed  Wednesday all together! My days are starting to run into each other like one huge cluster.  I'm starting to think I DO need sleep! It's after 6am and I'm still up. I just can't go to sleep at night and then WHO can sleep all day???  Too much to do right?  but I love working in my craft room and creating is my obsession right now!

While I was waiting for sleep to catch me, I created this set of 6 flowers. Can you guess what I used to make them with? I think they turned out awesome!! I will be making more of these soon, just cause they were fun  and I think they will add to my projects.  I love 'em!  They are about 2" without measuring the length of the leaves. 2 of them have lace for leaves while the other 4 have prima leaves. They are ALL a brilliant white, I'm not sure why some of them look like their off white.
What do you  think??? Comments appreciated.
Wanna see them?? lol  ok here they are... (Hope you  like them.)

If enough interest I might put a tutorial on youtube soon.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

As Promised, Side Pocket Mini Album KIT!

Hello...I think I'll use this as my Monday is the Kit I promised those who requested it. If you are interested in purchasing this kit, please email me at
     and let me know you want one. I had orignally only made one but due to further request there are now 5 available.
You will be able to get this kit for only $19.00 plus shipping of $7.00.  Email me and I will invoice you thru Paypal. Thanks!

You can see the contents of the kit in the following video. Please note that the pages will be from the same K&Company paper stack so all the colors are familiar with each other but no kit is identical, but so close that its hard to tell.

If you are outside the United States, please note that your shipping might be a big higher. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

TGIF!! Video time, complete side pocket mini

Hello...I am so glad to report that my puppy, who now has a name..."Gabie", is doing sooo much better. She is up, eating and playing! I think she is going to make it!! Sure did give us a scare!!!  But all is well, and I had a few minutes earlier to video tape the completed mini I promised to show you all. It is made using the side pocket pages from last weeks tutorial. I think I made it tooo chunky though, I used 4 of the pages and I think 3 would have sufficed. :)  I also added lots of added tags, huge brads, flowers and lots of bling which helped in making it  so without further-ado here is the video. Hope it inspires you to create, create, create. more thing, for those of you who asked, the kit is in process. I will have a video on the items included, so check back with me, I should have it up no later than Sunday. 

Have a Blessed Weekend!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, showing of Paperbag Album for Pam

Hello, hello!
The weekend sure did go by fast didn't it? I got a lot accomplished and glad to report I am almost caught up with my projects. The traveling book I made for one my clients has been complete and they collected today. They loved it! Which is great new for me, I always worry people won't see what I see, I do the same with my cooking, I worry people wont like my spices!! lol

So I thought I'd share this mini album with you. I made it out of brown paper bags.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know you were here.
and as always...HUGGS and Have a Blessed Week!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Where did Friday go?? Side pocket mini video

Hello all, it appears that Friday came and went and I missed it completely!!! Don't you just hate it when that happens?  It was such a fast week for me, I think I need an extra 24 hours thrown in there somewhere.  I plan on catching up with everything I need to do this weekend so I can start fresh on Monday.
Being that it was Friday,  I have a how-to video, you know me and my Fanta-bulous Fridays!!! except you getting it at 1:16 am on a Saturday...but hey, better late than never no?

Ok thanks for stopping by, please leave me a comment and make sure to follow me so you wont miss out on my videos, that would be just awful, huh? lol (I have to give my self kudos every now and again!)

You all have a great weekend, and hope you enjoy the tutorial...let me know what you think...
huggsssss Elsa

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday and I'm still on the baby kick! It's bath time...

Hi all, today was a very productive day for me. I had an order for a vacation album which I started yesterday and am glad to report that it will be completed tomorrow! yay! I had a few problems with this book mainly cause I don't do many travel/vacation themed, type of books so the creative juices were slow to flow! But I think it's turning out really great, as soon as it's complete I will share.
My visit to Gigi's was a no go this past weekend. "Life" got in the way, so I'll have to reschedule that road trip.
Now for the creations...I think I'm stuck on baby items. They are just so cute to create!!!
 These pieces are on both - Ebay under user Justafeww and on -  Etsy under Bluetwilight .
I hope you get some kind of inspiration from them... The measure approx 4" x 4"
I took the pink paper and ran it thru my bigshot and embossed it with the "dots" folder.
I'm not sure what is called, but it puts all those little dots on the paper, i thought it looked like bubbles! too cute!!
This cutie was colored in with copic markers...too cute!

Thanks for stopping by...Huggs Elsa 
Look for my Friday tutorial!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday...Strollers and rattles and jumpers Oh My!

Good morning all!
I have been having fun creating videos and posting them on YouTube. I have been able to meet several awesome people...thanks for subscribing all!!!
Today I planning a trip to Foley Alabama, hopefully I can find some new scrapbooking supplies. I think I'm buying supplies just to  collect them, I really need to start using what I have, but I think buying them is part of the fun!
I have a couple of photos to share with you all today of some baby paper piecing I made this weekend. I hope you enjoy them and maybe get inspired to make a baby album?

Have a good day and stay cool!

See the adorable flowered lace on the stroller?  Too cute!!!

The bow has pink sickles and glossy accents...looks better in person!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday, a Leaf video tutorial

Hi...its 7pm and I am just now posting my Friday video! but hey, I said every Friday but I didnt say what time huh? lol I found a loop hole! anyway, I have had just the best week but I'm glad the weekend is here. I plan on going to Gigi's for non other than MORE scrapbooking supplies (like I need them!), having a surplus is just so much fun, don't ya'll agree???? Ok so today I have a leaf making short tutorial...check it out.
Thanks for visiting, leave me a comment and Happy Weekend,  Huggs Elsa

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday...Baby Bear Numbers

Hi, it seems since I am posting every other day, the days are coming at me faster! lol I 've been working on these little bears to use for baby's first 6 months, or first six years, first 6 decide and believe they turned out just adorable and so did many of my local friends, who requested them in different colors.
So I've decided to give it a try and post them for sale in 4 different colors...Blue, Pink, Yellow or Green. They will be shipped within 4 days of order, (or sooner) since I will create them as the orders come in.  Here is a set in green, the flowers may vary and so will the little bear facial expressions since they hand painted, but not by much. Stickles, chalk, glossy accents and distressing is used on this little guys. I take great care in packageing them and will send you and email upon completion of your set.

If you would happen to want 1 - 12 instead of only 1-6 just order 2 sets and email me with your specific request at  -- 

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of the week and God Bless!!

Huggs .................Elsa
Leave me a comment by clicking on the word   "comment" :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday and OHH What BIG eyes you have!, great 4th of July? Mine was! We had our kids and grandkids all together and we ate some really good food.  Ended the night with a lil'firework action in my front yard. Brandon loved it! It was a nice change from us driving downtown to the beach to see the pros put on a display...which is always awesome, but fighting the crowds after you spend fifteen minutes looking for parking is not very awesome.  Instead we stood around and did them ourselves. It brought back such wonderful memories for me, since that is how we used to do it when my girls were little.  All in all, it was a Blessed day and we have all those soilders who fought for our independance to thank! 

Ok...on with the craft.  Here to show is this set of 3 big eyes babies. lol too cute!

 I have always drawn big eyes on my creations. Mom said it was because I had such big eyes my self that I found it normal for everything else to have huge eyes! I don't know if that is the case or not, but looking back on all my drawing, everything I drew had huge eyes indeed! lol too funny.
Thanks for stopping by!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Butterfly Paper Bag Album for Fridays video & Brandon

Hi all...Notice anything different? hmmm? I changed the look of my blog! Went from baby girl pink to soft baby blue...awwww. I love it, I bore easily of the same old same old, must make changes! You all like?

Nothing much has happened all quiet around here, which is good. Today I plan on keeping Brandon hopefully thru Sat. I enjoy that lil fellow sooo much. Here is a pic of him on Halloween, almost a year ago! wow, how time flies, he is growing so fast. I can't find a recent picture right now to share with you all but I think he looks adorable here...notice how his eyes match his costume? yeah i did that! lol NOT...Aint he just a cutie pa-tu-dee!?  My heart I tell you!

Ok so enough of family show and for paper design creation...the following video went up on Youtube today and the album will show up on ebay Saturday July 3. You can find me by typing LLDT the name of my design team (LemonDrops & Lollipops) on the ebay search area , my ID is Justafeww.
Thanks so much for stopping by!! Leave me a comment, would love to meet you!
Huggs Elsa