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Monday, January 31, 2011

You all up for a Challange??

Hi all. How is everyone doing? I've been thinking about doing something fun! I gave "Abbie"(one of my doodles) as a gift after my Ustream class. Now Im thinking I want to make her the center of attention and challange you guys to use her. (that sound bad huh? lol)

Here is what I'm thinking...print Abbie, resize her, color her in, cut her out and use her on one of your projects...a card, a layout, a mini, you name it. Post her to you blog, were you will tell the world where you got Abbie from of-course :)  You will then come back to my blog and link your ABBIE post to my blog so that Krystal and Brandi  can vote. (I can't vote cause I LOVE everyones projects!!! I've always been awful at deciding!), anyway, I think I should have some rules and a prize no?

ok Rules~
  1. Use "Abbie" -- lol a gimmie!
  2. Must be your own project - you hubby cant help you!
  3. Do a post on your blog about Abbie and how you created your project, what products you used.
  4. Mention where you got Abbie on your blog... ( yeah man give me kuddos! heehee
  5. Grab my Button and post on your blog.
  6. Use InLinkz to link  your project...this is so I can find it and go check it out! :)
  7. Leave me a comment to this post!!!
  8. and THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE....HAVE FUN!!! :) Im excited!!
Now the prize...The winner of my challange will win a pink Cancer Awarenes Xyron Sticker Maker!

Ok now here is ABBIE...just right click and save her to your pc then print her out...easy right?? I sure hope this works! lol  (Once again this is my first time trying anything like this, so please standby! lol)

 ©Abbie by Elsa
Abbie cannot but used for commercial purposes, sold or added to any kits. thanks!

What you all think?? Wanna play along??? I sure hope so cause I already created a Linkz account! lol

ALMOST FORGOT!  Challange beings today Jan 31st at 8pm and ends Feb 28th at 6pm.
(did I ever mention FEB is MY birthdate month???? hmm? huh? lol )

This is what I did with her. I put her on the cover of a mini album
, you can see the album here

Good luck!! Love ya all!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

IT'S THERE! UStream Update

UMMM...OK...SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The Ustream video is there! I guess it takes a while for it to post??? You can find it here...

This has been a long day! lol I'm going to bed now just wanted to update this.  xoxoxo

Saturday, January 29, 2011

OH NO! WHERE DID It Go???????

Hi all..well today was the day!! I held my first USTREAM class. And just as I suppected I was nervous as all get out! I had over 50 RSVP's and according to UStream stats 141 watched! WOW! I am so greatful! I was sooooooo nervous, I was shaking...but the group of ladies that attended the class were just wonderful and within minutes I felt comfortable. 
My "Love Wrap Around Mini" was a bit more intense that I had anticipated, but at the end everyone had been able to follow along.  I had great ladies that did some measurement convertion for me and I was even able to help some of the spanish speaking ladies!!! It was just a blast! THANK you all for making my first time such a successful event!
The One horrible thing that did happen...........was that.............UStream did NOT record!!!!!! I am just besides myself! I know for a fact I hit the RECORD button. As a matter of fact, I had to click on STOP RECORDING when the show ended, so I know it was recording. Now, where is the video??? I DONT KNOW!!! I am so sorry. The only thing I can think is that at the begining of the show I had a few problems getting the video to stream...and had to refresh several times until it finally worked. I don't know if that had something to do with it or not. But, I know there is no way I can do this mini on Youtube 15 min wont even touch the first part of this...I will try to figure out a way to get the directions to those that want them. I'll think of something! I promise. Hopefully my next show will record!!
THANKS AGAIN AGAIN LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Hi...just checked my UStream and it reads..."class start in under 20 hours" ... ahhhh! lol But who is counting!!! Im excited, I've had over 40 RVSP's!!! I coudlnt be MORE excited! lol 
I have been working on a heart mini for a few days...weeks actually but as I was looking around my supplies I saw I would have enough for 2 I put I put it together for anyone who is interested. If you are outside the US please contact me for shipping costs. THANKS!!!!

If interested please visit my KITS FOR SALE page ^up there ")

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oval Nestie*Mini Ablum Kit

Hi..I'm on the roll! lol guess it's the lack of sleep! ha! Wanted to share this video of a Kit that is now for sale in my JUSTAFEW KITS here Nestie Mini-Album KIT if your interested in purchasing it.
Here is the video of whats available in this kit...


OK sooo I'm still nervous! lol But so grateful at your response!!! Here is the link where you can go and RSVP! WHOO HOO so least I'll know how many of you are planning to attend!!! lol Im soo excited, you would think I was gonna win the lotto! lol
ok here is the link you need to follow to find me on Ustream...

See you all soon!!!!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

uStream...I scream...we all scream for USTREAM!!!

OK ...LADIES!!! I have scheduled and event on first class ever!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am nervous, nervous, nervous!!! There will be NO "cut!"  no "redos", no "oopps I said a cuss word lets do over!!!" lol Plus I hope I have peeps show up and I dont end up sitting there alone!!!
I have scheduled the Love Mini Wrap Around technique to show you guys 1st. You will have to bare with me while I adjust cameras, do sound check and take a minute to stop shaking! lol   Its scheduled as
:Wrap Around Mini
 :at 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CST
I put 3 hours - just cause - I have NO idea how long it will take, but I can almost bet it won't take 3 hours!! My projects are always easy and quick.

Won't you ALL join me??? all 198 of you!?!?  if you havent seen the video of the mini  click HERE<<<<

  • GLUE
  • 3 Sheets of papers 12x12 coordinating colors. My book is made using Bazzil papers, no  patterned paper was hurt in the  making of this mini! lol But it would look awesome with patterned paper I'm sure.
  • paper cutter
  • scissors
  • circle punch ...a 1inch or so will do
  • something to score with (score pal or what ever you use)
  • These supplies will make the base mini only, no embellishment at this time.
I will show you how to create the mini itself and if time permits we can embellish it, but I'm thinking you all can work your own magic on that.  If ALL goes well the next Ustream class will be on the ever so requested TAG MINI ALBUM... you can see it  HERE<<<<  I got so sick right after I posted this mini, that I never got around to doing a tutorial.  I will have everything you need to create a mini that looks just like mine available as a kit, so look out for it.  The Tag Mini and this Wrap Around Mini have been two of my most requested  minis! And now they are coming to a URL near you!!  :)
Ok well remember
this SATURDAY at 6pm Central Time, that is Januray 29tt at 6pm!

I was so surprised!

I have been so busy with the baby since Krystal's been sick that I didnt have time to THANK Vicky at  She had some candy and I won it! She was so sneaky about it though, she sent it in care of Krystal so I had no idea it was coming!!!! I opened it and went thru everything over at Kat's house!! I don't see how most wait to open the packages. I see a taped package and  I just have to tear into it.  Vicky I can't thank you enough...the charms and crystals are just beautiful...well everything was and ohhhhh the butterflies!!! THANK AGAIN GIRL...I appreciate it.

Print out for you guys...

Hi all...its was such a great day today! The type of day my Krystal loves, rainy, cloudy and dark! lol But it wasn't cold!! yay!  So I was working  with my PSP earlier to day and made a Valentine sheet that I want to share with you guys...but not sure how to  upload it, for you guys to download! lol So I'm gonna post the  image and maybe if you right click and save it to your pc you can then print it? If anyone knows how to do this let me know...and if you just right click it and print it and it WORKS let me know! lol  I thought this imags would be cool to print, cut and use on  your creations.  I did this page at a high resolution so you can resize them...Please leave me a comment if you use these.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Hey ladies, Im on my way out to look for some MORE paper! lol I found some great deals, Joanns has a 50% coupon good till Sat the 22! Print 2 of them, cause ya' know, Micheals honors those coupons too!! 
So head on to my Coupons page and print those babys out, there is also one for Hobby Lobby for 40% off one item.  Just click on the above Coupon button, then click on the coupon itself, it will take you to a page where only the coupon is visible, right click the coupon and print.
(Just in case there was someone out there that need help printing) :)

And as always...Thanks for stopping by

Bear oh my!

Hi! Wanted to drop by and share these lil cuties I worked on today. This is all I've done today too. lol I've been busy cuting, chalking and gluing this guys together. They are are going up on ebay in just a few minutes if I can manage to stay awake a few hours longer. Its after 3am! lol It was such a nice day today, calm and quiet. I loved it...Ok now to share my lil ones...please leave me a comment and let me know what you think and what your working on! I love getting comments!! Let me know your out there... OH, I'm working on getting the tutorial out for the Wrap Around Mini, hopefully will get it done this Sat, if I can get Krystal to help me. She has not been feeling really good the last couple of days, so send your prayers her way. THANKS!!!

 I made these flowers!!

As always Thanks for stopping by  and...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Love Mini

Hi! Things are moving right along. Valentines is just around the corner...before we know it will be summer!! yay! I can't wait for Summer!!! But first things first...I have a birthday coming up! On the 20th of February!! God permitting I'll make it. I have been busy designing new paper folds for new minis and even have a Calendar in the works! This is a sneak preview of the next tutorial to come soon...hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for stopping by!
huggs, loves and squeezes

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentine Card & Envie

HI!!! I'm back and have created a Valentine card, before you watch the video, take a guess what I used for a hint...its also used to put food in. lol I hope you all enjoy the following and that it inspires you to create!! 

 Thanks so much for stopping!!
Leave me a comment
 I LOVE those!!! lol

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boo! I'm back!

Hi ladies!! I KNOW! I've been gone so long I bet some of you thought you got rid of me huh? lol I have been super busy for a week or two now, and  I think for a while there I was lost in a mountain of paper and ribbon!! I cleaned out my craft room! I actually found paper I didn't know I had!!! It took for ever to get that done. My darling husband helped me move my massive desk around, I added an antique desk to house my laptop and my cricut and I sorted all my paper, ribbon, buttons and flowers! So now I cant find anything!!! lol  I love my new area, the room looks and feels bigger and Im so excited about creating. I have started a new mini album using a new fold I dream't 'bout.  I hope you all like it, almost done embellishing it so look out for my video coming soon to a blog near you! lol
Talk to you ladies soon.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new day in a new year...2011

Hi Ladies wanted to say how much I appreciate and love ya'll  for being such a huge support base for me...the friendships I've made are honestly true blessings!!

I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve and that you'all are enjoying the new day...JAN 1st! I'm looking foward to a new year filled with tons of new ideas!!! Here are a few snapshots of past creations...

Thanks for stopping by