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Friday, January 21, 2011

Bear oh my!

Hi! Wanted to drop by and share these lil cuties I worked on today. This is all I've done today too. lol I've been busy cuting, chalking and gluing this guys together. They are are going up on ebay in just a few minutes if I can manage to stay awake a few hours longer. Its after 3am! lol It was such a nice day today, calm and quiet. I loved it...Ok now to share my lil ones...please leave me a comment and let me know what you think and what your working on! I love getting comments!! Let me know your out there... OH, I'm working on getting the tutorial out for the Wrap Around Mini, hopefully will get it done this Sat, if I can get Krystal to help me. She has not been feeling really good the last couple of days, so send your prayers her way. THANKS!!!

 I made these flowers!!

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  1. Hi Elsa, love the cute little guys and looking forward to the wrap around tut you just know i will be having ago lol I have so many things i want to work on with my new stash from my trip just dont know where to start he he speak to you soon hugs vikkie

  2. Hey there Sis....LOVE LOVE LOVE those little bears they are just soooooo are so clever...and your flowers are divine!!!! You are so to you!! TTYS Hugs Kim xx

  3. Aw, your little bears are just adorable!


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