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Monday, January 31, 2011

You all up for a Challange??

Hi all. How is everyone doing? I've been thinking about doing something fun! I gave "Abbie"(one of my doodles) as a gift after my Ustream class. Now Im thinking I want to make her the center of attention and challange you guys to use her. (that sound bad huh? lol)

Here is what I'm thinking...print Abbie, resize her, color her in, cut her out and use her on one of your projects...a card, a layout, a mini, you name it. Post her to you blog, were you will tell the world where you got Abbie from of-course :)  You will then come back to my blog and link your ABBIE post to my blog so that Krystal and Brandi  can vote. (I can't vote cause I LOVE everyones projects!!! I've always been awful at deciding!), anyway, I think I should have some rules and a prize no?

ok Rules~
  1. Use "Abbie" -- lol a gimmie!
  2. Must be your own project - you hubby cant help you!
  3. Do a post on your blog about Abbie and how you created your project, what products you used.
  4. Mention where you got Abbie on your blog... ( yeah man give me kuddos! heehee
  5. Grab my Button and post on your blog.
  6. Use InLinkz to link  your project...this is so I can find it and go check it out! :)
  7. Leave me a comment to this post!!!
  8. and THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE....HAVE FUN!!! :) Im excited!!
Now the prize...The winner of my challange will win a pink Cancer Awarenes Xyron Sticker Maker!

Ok now here is ABBIE...just right click and save her to your pc then print her out...easy right?? I sure hope this works! lol  (Once again this is my first time trying anything like this, so please standby! lol)

 ©Abbie by Elsa
Abbie cannot but used for commercial purposes, sold or added to any kits. thanks!

What you all think?? Wanna play along??? I sure hope so cause I already created a Linkz account! lol

ALMOST FORGOT!  Challange beings today Jan 31st at 8pm and ends Feb 28th at 6pm.
(did I ever mention FEB is MY birthdate month???? hmm? huh? lol )

This is what I did with her. I put her on the cover of a mini album
, you can see the album here

Good luck!! Love ya all!


  1. Hi Elsa, im in what a fun idea for a challenge When is the dead line hun? Ive already got ur button on my blog and of course will give kudos as to where Abbie came from. Are you over your live speech fright? ready for the next Ustream?
    hugs and love vikkie

  2. ooo ooo ooo I'm in......I would love to have a go!!!! And you blinkie is on my blog....such fun!!!

  3. Hiya, I am gonna give this a go :) Abbie is very cute so how could I resist. x

  4. I am in if I get half a chance. There are a lot of challenges out there right now! I have something for you on my blog post today if you care to pick it up.

  5. I'm fairly new to scrapbooking, but LOVE it already! I'd like to give this a try, and join in on your challenge, so I'll see what I can do... I'm here via your link from YouTube. Your butterfly album is beautiful, and inspiring! I'm in the middle of making a paperbag album right now, and I can see it's going to be a while before I can get it done; but that's o.k. because I'm loving every minute of it. Maybe I can add Abbie onto a tag for my album. I think that might be really CUTE!... Nice to meet you, and I'm now a follower! ~tina

  6. Hi,

    I added my link to the competition, exept I couldn't add your blinkie to my site as it won't appear, it is probably just me as I am new to all this, as at the moment it just has the heading and no button :(

    I'm sure I'll figure it out at some point?



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