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Saturday, January 29, 2011

OH NO! WHERE DID It Go???????

Hi all..well today was the day!! I held my first USTREAM class. And just as I suppected I was nervous as all get out! I had over 50 RSVP's and according to UStream stats 141 watched! WOW! I am so greatful! I was sooooooo nervous, I was shaking...but the group of ladies that attended the class were just wonderful and within minutes I felt comfortable. 
My "Love Wrap Around Mini" was a bit more intense that I had anticipated, but at the end everyone had been able to follow along.  I had great ladies that did some measurement convertion for me and I was even able to help some of the spanish speaking ladies!!! It was just a blast! THANK you all for making my first time such a successful event!
The One horrible thing that did happen...........was that.............UStream did NOT record!!!!!! I am just besides myself! I know for a fact I hit the RECORD button. As a matter of fact, I had to click on STOP RECORDING when the show ended, so I know it was recording. Now, where is the video??? I DONT KNOW!!! I am so sorry. The only thing I can think is that at the begining of the show I had a few problems getting the video to stream...and had to refresh several times until it finally worked. I don't know if that had something to do with it or not. But, I know there is no way I can do this mini on Youtube 15 min wont even touch the first part of this...I will try to figure out a way to get the directions to those that want them. I'll think of something! I promise. Hopefully my next show will record!!
THANKS AGAIN AGAIN LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. HI ELSA,
    The class was great and you were great, I can't believe that was your first Ustream.
    I would like a copy of your drawing.
    Thank You,

  2. Elsa,
    Thanks again for a wonderful class. Sorry it didn't record. Loved learning how to make the Love Wrap around Mini. Can't wait to learn how to make the Tag Mini.

  3. I thought you rocked! I totally followed along and took notes at the same time. I completed the base of the book, and tomorrow I am going to finish it. Thank you for doing this. It was fun and you did an AWESOME job!
    Michelle (AKA: GrammaM)

  4. You did Great! I am going to be working on my mini sometime this week and will post pics when I am done. You could probably do this in 15 on youtube by just going through it and we can pause and start as we need it. If possible I would love your digital drawing as well at You are so talented and it was such a treat to be there for your first Of many ustreams!!!

  5. Elsa you did a lovely job girl dont worry about it not recording these things happen and those of us who where there had fun and you were so easy to follow along and krystal making sure everyone was up to speed etc helping you two make a great team. My mini is off to tracy for embellishments so will be ateam effort i ve posted pics of the base so far. had a lovely time talking to you both x

  6. Oh no. I thought you did great, even with me asking you to slow down. My sister was working along with me and she's a newbie to crafting minis, so it took her a bit to catch on. I'm addicted, I've made 2 already. Love, love your projects. Will definitely watch your next UStream class. You are very talented, your drawing is beautiful.

    Augusta, GA

  7. Hi Elsa, I also thought you did great. I did lose my place one or two times but I caught up and finished the mini. I would love to have a copy of your sweet little girl drawing. Addie:

  8. it was great and thanks...marisa


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