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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Print out for you guys...

Hi all...its was such a great day today! The type of day my Krystal loves, rainy, cloudy and dark! lol But it wasn't cold!! yay!  So I was working  with my PSP earlier to day and made a Valentine sheet that I want to share with you guys...but not sure how to  upload it, for you guys to download! lol So I'm gonna post the  image and maybe if you right click and save it to your pc you can then print it? If anyone knows how to do this let me know...and if you just right click it and print it and it WORKS let me know! lol  I thought this imags would be cool to print, cut and use on  your creations.  I did this page at a high resolution so you can resize them...Please leave me a comment if you use these.


  1. hi Elsa, right click and print does work so dont worry lol. How are you and Krystal doing? weather here has not changed still white and belove freezing. Lovely weather for messing about with windows movie maker and a good excuse to craft all day lol hugs vikkie

  2. Thanks for sharing Elsa! I just clicked on it to make it larger, then right clicked and saved to my computer! Will be great for cards!

  3. Elsa, I saved the picture to my desktop, and printed it out. It works 100% thanks for sharing!

  4. I am soooooooooo glad it worked! So now I know! Thank you for commenting!!!!


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