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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

uStream...I scream...we all scream for USTREAM!!!

OK ...LADIES!!! I have scheduled and event on first class ever!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am nervous, nervous, nervous!!! There will be NO "cut!"  no "redos", no "oopps I said a cuss word lets do over!!!" lol Plus I hope I have peeps show up and I dont end up sitting there alone!!!
I have scheduled the Love Mini Wrap Around technique to show you guys 1st. You will have to bare with me while I adjust cameras, do sound check and take a minute to stop shaking! lol   Its scheduled as
:Wrap Around Mini
 :at 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM CST
I put 3 hours - just cause - I have NO idea how long it will take, but I can almost bet it won't take 3 hours!! My projects are always easy and quick.

Won't you ALL join me??? all 198 of you!?!?  if you havent seen the video of the mini  click HERE<<<<

  • GLUE
  • 3 Sheets of papers 12x12 coordinating colors. My book is made using Bazzil papers, no  patterned paper was hurt in the  making of this mini! lol But it would look awesome with patterned paper I'm sure.
  • paper cutter
  • scissors
  • circle punch ...a 1inch or so will do
  • something to score with (score pal or what ever you use)
  • These supplies will make the base mini only, no embellishment at this time.
I will show you how to create the mini itself and if time permits we can embellish it, but I'm thinking you all can work your own magic on that.  If ALL goes well the next Ustream class will be on the ever so requested TAG MINI ALBUM... you can see it  HERE<<<<  I got so sick right after I posted this mini, that I never got around to doing a tutorial.  I will have everything you need to create a mini that looks just like mine available as a kit, so look out for it.  The Tag Mini and this Wrap Around Mini have been two of my most requested  minis! And now they are coming to a URL near you!!  :)
Ok well remember
this SATURDAY at 6pm Central Time, that is Januray 29tt at 6pm!


  1. Thank you, thank you. You will do great on the upcoming UStream. Your YouTube videos are great. I've been visiting your site hoping you would do a tutorial on this mini. You are very talented. Will you be recording it also.

  2. This is AWESOME NEWS!!! I am soooooo looking forward to this! I am so excited for this tutorial and for the tag mini. YEAH!

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I can't wait!!! I wouldn't miss this for the world....I am there with bells on and supplies on hand too....I am so excited!!!

  4. i will be there all bleary eyed he he he 2 am till 5 am i think an afternoon nap may be in order lol love and hugs vikkie xx

  5. I'll be there!!! Super excited;)

  6. Elsa, I'm sure you'll be a great host...don't be nervous..just be yourself, like you are on the tutorials...that's precisely why we are going to attend the u stream...because we enjoy our Elsa. We all will be more than happy and enthusiastic about this project and the so many that are boiling in your head. I'm a fan of your work and I'll be there, this Saturday and every Saturday, and whenever....

    Central Fl. Tampa


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