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Friday, January 27, 2012

Update on the Teapot Shape Mini Album Kits

HI ladies!! Thanks so much for your support!! I will be shipping the kits Saturday! yay!
Thank you all for your order...I had a few problems with Paypal after a dispute I had with blitsy...for some reason all my notifications quit! It was a mess, but it's all resolved and everything is back to normal.
I appreciate all of ya'!
thanks for watching/ reading and as always...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keeping with the Teapot January Design **SOLD**

Hi ladies...I hope everyone is enjoying January! To my disbelief it almost over and I'm excited cause that means its the beginning of MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! yay! I celebrate the fact that I was born in February ALL month!! lol sooo February is MY month!  but anyyy wayyy...I wanted to share this video with you, if you get past the Kit portion, you can see the completed mini and some still pictures. Enjoy!!
Thank you all so much for watching and let me know what you think!!

its show time....

*Please note...I estimated on the international shipping, if shipping is more than I applied I will send you an invoice for the difference. THANKS!
and as always...

Friday, January 20, 2012

I Brake For Stamps Blog Hop

Welcome to the first ever I Brake For Stamps Blog Hop!!  The IBFS Design Team and some talented Guest Designers are hopping in honor of a BRAND NEW Release from Rick St. Dennis. 
 These Exclusive stamps are now available in the I Brake For Stamps store!

If you hopped onto my blog from Creating with Chrissy's Blog, then your ont eh right track, but if you just happened upon my blog by chance then hop on over to the beginning - I Brake for Stamps blog. A $15 IBFS Gift Certificate will be awarded to a random hopper!! So don't miss your chance! 
To qualify, you must comment on all the Blogs participating. 
Tell us which bear is your favorite AND anything else that might make our crafty hearts smile!
Here is my project...I selected this cute lil boy bear, he is on skates and looks like his having so much fun!! Kinda makes me wish I could do that, ya know, skate on one foot!! lol  Designer Rick St. Dennis does a wonderful job on these cute bears, don't he? I was glad mine was a lil boy since Im always working with lil girls this was  almost a challange to work with blue vs my precious pinks!!  So...what ya' think?? 

You’ll also have your chance at winning a bear of your choice when you participate in the current challenge over on the IBFS Challenge Blog. ( Our current challenge is Fancy Fold cards. Please see the Challenge Blog for all of the details.
Hope you enjoy the hop!!! Now go on to Holly's Blog 
and see what awesome creation she has waiting for you! 
Thanks for stoping by! and as always...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winner....for PRIDES 1st mini Hop

Hi ladies... thank you everyone for all the sweet comments and for taking the time to follow me in my crazy en-devours! lol The PRIDE is doing great and gearing up for our next scheduled mini hop.  Everyone's comments were so encouraging and kind and as much as I ALWAYS want to make everyone a winner I just cant do it! lol soooo the one name that came out of the box was.....(drummmm rolllll)
   The Velveteen Mom!!! 
So hun if you see this write me at and send me your address so I can send your teapot die cut!  I hope you enjoyed the project!!  If you know Velveteen mom, tell her to get her booty up in here and claim her gift! lol
Love you all and come back tomorrow for the I Brake for Stamps Blog Hop! 
take care and as always...

Learn to make a book mark....

Hi all...Krystal just made a video on how to make a paper corner book mark!!
If you have a chance go check out her video on Youtube < click that... and tell her "Lady" send you! lol
and check in tomorrow I will have a teapot mini album plus kit!!! 
Love you all!
Alpha Lioness checking out!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Meet The Lioness and Roar with Pride!!

HELLO!! I want to introduce you to the PRIDE. A handful of friends from all over the world gathering together  to create awesome, cool and simple designs in hopes of inspiring you to keep your brain active, your heart happy and your hands busy!  We are a group of friends who love to craft and share our projects...sooo we have made a commitment to produce at least ONE monthly project.  We will show case our work in a mini Blog Hop of sorts.  It will start here in my den, then you will prowl over to the rest of the Pride to see what they have created.  Some of us will be offering candy now and then and sometime in the near future we are going to challenge YOU our followers...our create a project or two with us! FUN FUN!! This year I anticipate many YouTube  show and tells, many tutorials and many many new die cuts!  Also, remember my Abbie??? She WILL be a stamp this year...soon soon!! I'm so excited!!!  
But ...back to the Pride... the ladies are ME..LOL
my Krystal...aka Kittykat
Kimi from Australia
Suzie from our USA /  and
Linda from Hawaii !!

For my 1st project I am crazy about know something like,"come in, take your shoes off, grab a cup of tea and stay a while and enjoy our projects!"
So I drew this fatty is nice and round lol then I cut it out of cardboard, covered it in pretty flowery paper and I made a red sprig! I like how it turned out!!!   Tell me what you think...

I hope you enjoy our projects...for those of you who visit all the members of the Pride and  ROAR a nice little comment on each of their blogs, WILL get their name in a box, where one winner will get this teapot die cut in light chipboard, the paper to cover it and the bottom banner in chipboard and paper! (no flowers, or any of the embellishments, just the chipboard and paper pieces) capish?

Ok so thanks for stopping head on to 
Krystals blog over at Krystals Night 
 and see what she made! 
Thank you so much for stopping by and dont forget to comment! I 'll give you a lil hint of what im the end of the year...who ever  played along...commented and participated is gonna be a very happy lady! dont tell anyone i told you this!!! lol  its between us ok?? 

Almost forgot...These are the cute teapots our Delta lioness Linda used in her project. 

Email me at  If you interested... 
I'm working on putting it on my Kits page...
You will get a set of 6 pots with 1 bow, 1 heart, 1 butterfly in light weight chipboard for $2.50
Please contact me if out of USA for shipping fees...thanks!

love you all and as always...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Pride is getting ready to leave the den!

Hi ladies...This saturday...Jan 14th...the Pride will have 5 different projects for show n tell!! I hope you all drop by and see what we have been creating!!

On a different note...I try to answer to all the comments made by either email or visiting your individual blog, but sometimes I am not able to find your blog or an email address... So this year if you make a comment please check back I will respond within the post...rather I will post my response in the comment sections capish? lol that way I don't miss talking to any of you.
love ya remember to come back soon....


Friday, January 6, 2012

Design Team updates

Hi all!!! Oh my cricut is cutting again!!! and I have been using it like crazy! I am cutting cute patterns I want to share with you ladies to make neat lil minis! I hope you love them as much I do!! They are drawing I finally got out of the drawer, dusted off, scanned and cut!  Also, wanted to say that I am no longer in the Twinsmoms design team, haven't been since last Oct (for those that had asked). And as of yesterday I am not designing for MAS (Mini Album Scraps) I still love everyone at MAS and will continue to join the swaps/challenges and chat but I had to let a few things go in order to concentrate on my designs and everything that I have "dancing circles around my brains!"  I will though, be Designing for I BRAKE FOR STAMPS!!  So look for neat stamped designs! Ok well back to the cutting board...more soon......xoxoxox

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Clues of Exciting news...

Hi ladies...Sure hope everyone's year is off to a great start! Mine is, I have sooo many many things brewing in my head to show you all! This year I really want to invite all of you sweet ladies & friends to create with me and play along with the fun I have in store for you all!
 I have been on the "prowl" for new designs to help feed the creativity hunger that has developed in the "den".  
As you may know, I DIDNT end 2011 very well. The Flu got me good, and there are still some reminiscences of it floating around in my head but its on its way out. I  have been working to get caught up and start creating.  Calenders are being filled, and ideas are being put on paper!! I hope you ladies will share in my excitement and follow my blog closely... the Pride is out tonight and you never know what the "Cat might drag in!"
       Thanks for dropping in and as always...