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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ECLIPSE WAS AWESOME! and look at my 6 months of baby...

I got home at 2:30 am from watching Eclipse! Couldn't wait till tomorrow, I had to go watch it. It was the best movie yet...the warewolfs rock in this movie.
 And of course Jacob is...well, you all go watch it's awsome. 
 Nothing much happened today, it was nice and cloudy outside and I bummed around the house all day.
I am excited to report that  my "Our Story" mini album sold on ebay today
and I'm quite happy about that!! yay! 

I 've listed the following book this time, I called it "My First Six Months" cause on each page is a little baby bear holding a number...1 thru 6 :)  I think it turned out soooo cute. 
Take a look...

This book measures 11 x 5.


Thank you so very much for stopping by!!
Have a very Blessed Day!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The item of the day...TAGS

Hello and Good morning, its 6am in Florida and I am so happy to be hearing thunder! Maybe it will rain and cool it down a little bit. Its been miserably hot around here the past few weeks. Rain is always welcomed. I know my Chow, Osa will appreciate some rain. She has really thick black fur.

Well yesterday I spent most of the day preparing my kitchen floor so I could put down some wax, and it turned out wonderful. It shines like its wet! I actually have ceramic tile down and when we got it,  I chose a mat finish...well im so over mat I want shiny, soooooooooooooooo, I now have  shiny floors! Let me show you some before and after pics....

This is Before...

And this is After...Wow right? and this is with it dry!!! yay!
AND...its NOT slippery!
AND it doesn't show foot did before while mat but not now, that is odd huh?!
 I love

I also wanted to share this little video of some tags I have up for auction on Ebay. Check 'em out.
thanks for stopping by and leave me a comment I would love to  meet all of ya'all.

Huggs Elsa

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ok...It's Friday...Video tyme!

Hi all, well I've been dreading video day! and even though I think I should go ahead and redo this clip I'm going to just post it! lol I HATE the sound of my voice...hahaha I'll say it again, I hate the sound of my voice. I filmed it around 4am this morning right before I went to bed.  I say fold when I mean crimp and cut when I mean punch and it goes on and on with tons of bloopers! lol But all in all I had to do it! Take that first here it FIRST ever crafting YouTube How-to video! lol I made it of something simple since its a test run...ok im nervous to post this!! hahahaa goes... OH one more things...ummm...the HELLOOOO at the intro, ummm...I kinda reminded myself of Ms. DoubtFire! hahaha ok for the clip....  and Oh I say I spray them...with what you might wonder!?! well with homemade Glimmer Mist, I neglect to mention that! hahahaha...ok now for the video...Lights, Camera...Action... (Thanks for stopping by!) HUGGS

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Speak into the Camera... and Our Story Album

Hi all...its Wednesday! yay! half way thru the week and all is well. No broken bones, no bad news to report so all is well.  I have been trying to video tape myself so I can upload it to YouTube, and so far, with the help of my daughter we have tried 3 or 4 times, with no success! lol  For some reason, I get all tongue tied, my hands want to do their own thing and words seems to miraculously transform into different sounds...I try saying "so you can add pictures" but instead "so you can add papers" comes out!
Speaking into the Camera -  not so easy for me I've found out. So no video "yet". I WILL complete it by Friday though.  I'm calling it "Fantabulous Fridays!" since I plan on post a new video each Friday...what-cha-think?  My daughter Krystal thought of it...a mixture between Fantastic and Fabulous, I love it! 
Anyway, I hope you are all having an awesome week, staying out of the heat! Its in the 100's here in Florida! yikes right?  So in an attempt to keep you indoors, here are some pictures of my lastest mini album. Stay inside and visit with me for a few.  It measure 6x6,  has 14 pages, 9 tags and there are about 20 places for photos and / or jouranling and I think it turned out really cute...what you all think?  Leave me a comment, I love comments!

I will be posting a tutorial on how these insert pages were created, so stay tuned. :)


Thank you so much for stopping by!
Check back again Friday for a new post.
God Bless.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Stork has arrived...on a MONDAY!

Hi! Well before I knew it Friday was gone and I missed my post! bad me! But it's Monday, so I'm starting fresh. I used to look at Mondays as everyone else, you know...the BLAH day of the week. "OH darn it's Monday!" but thanks to my close friend, Fabiola, who using the powers of Facebook and one little comment made, she changed my entire "Monday" outlook.  She treats Monday's as a New start, a fresh beginning, as yet another opportunity to accomplish what you set out to the past week but didn't complete. So, now, I love Mondays, cause it means I can Start that diet I didnt follow, Start the week with a healthier attitude and ummm **cough** Start on my plan of posting to my blog every Mon-Wed-Friday "at least"! So instead of feeling bad cause I missed Friday's post, I feel great that it's Monday and I can start ALL over again, FRESH! Thanks Fabi for the fabulous outlook!!! love ya!!
Now, I would like to share this little Stork mini chipboard album. It's  3x3 I believe and has lots of space for journalling and mini pictures.   

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful Monday!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hump Day!!

Hiya...Happy Hump Day...Cant believe its Wednesday already!! And it looks like it's going to be another hot and humid day here in Pensacola.  Its only 3am and already hot!  My shopping trip to Fairhope was great cause I got to spend some time with Donna, but miserable cause it was 100 degrees! Yeap, 100 degrees!! The sun was beaming and even in the shade it was no very pleasant.  I thnk we made it into 3 or 4 little shops before we had to call it quits.  We did stop and eat at a really nice place, my Santa Fe hamburger was delicious, and the air conditioner was to die for! Anyway, we ended up stopping at the Micheals in town and I bought a couple paper punches. (a gal can not have enough of those suckers!)
Here are a couple of pictures of this terrifec home out in Fairhope, Alabama, it looks like something out of a story book dont it? I love it, wish I knew the owner so maybe I could see the inside :)
Thanks for stopping by and see ya Friday!!

Huggens and Squeezens

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rain drops

Oh its Monday already, its 3am Monday to be exact. I am going to be gone most of the morning and didn't want to miss my Monday post and go back on my word about 3 postings a week :)

I will be in Fairhope Alabama today. The town has lots of little shops and a great coffee shop I can't wait! Donna (a good friend) and I meet about every 3 months and go do something fun. This month's fun is shopping!! Can't wait!! Plan on looking for a scrapbook store see if I can find some neat stuff.

I also wanted to share this tag I made for my grandson Brandon. I had made one for my daughter and she loved it so much she wanted one for him. his room is all in blue, with stars and moons, it's a really cute, boyish room.
I made this tag heavy duty chipboard and different types of papers. I stamped the background  with a swrily stamp, then layered it with a soft blue baby boy paper that has little air planes and clouds all through it. Half way down the middle I added layers of torn papers shaded with tim holtz distressing inks. The silver moon was cut using a 2" inch circle punch then used a 1" inch circle punch to cut the shape and used silver glitter to give it some sparkle.

The stars are actually beads I had purchased to make a necklace, the have the feel of polished rocks. They are cool to the touch, really neat...the lion is a sticker placed on a 2.5" scalloped punch and next to it is the same lion I found in a brad! too cute huh?
Then since Brandon likes ducks, I tucked a littel resin duckie peeping out from the flowers. The sticker above, next to the moon reads "Rain, rain, rain, rain..." so I used Glossy Accents to form rain drops all over the tag. Its looks really cool in person, its a sturdy tag. It's going to look awsome on his shelf! Lots of fibers and silver and wood charms dangle from the top but the picture didnt turn out. :(

I just love making tags! I wanna make one for everyone I meet! You want one?? lol (Hope this dont get me in trouble!) lol

Thanks for stopping by...see ya Wednesday!
And God Bless you all!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Wayyyyy tooo long!

Hello! Well once again I have neglected my little blog here! Tis Tis on me :(  I need to make an effort to at least post 3 times a week! Don't you all think that's fair?

So, Mon-Wed-Fri's will be my posting days. Thats give me the weekend to make stuff for Mondays and a day in between each other day.  I will post a new design. I am also going to start posting videos on here and on youtube with all these new techniques I've been learning locally and on the internet. I'm excited about that! Hope you will come back Monday for my first official post! hhahaha because you know these have been UNofficial! Its eary and I've had NO coffee!
For now I will share this little box I made last week. Its now for sale on Etsy.  When I was designing this cutie I was thinking it would make a great gift for a new baby. I thought it would be used as a Momento box. You know, where you can put your baby's first pacifier, maybe the little socks you brought her home in and a locket of her new born hair?  I always got flowers after the birth of my daughters, which was great, they were beautiful, but flowers die! And I have nothing to show for it now...but see, this littel bos will be there until you decided to get rid of it...but why would you do that?? lol It comes with a mini tag. I think its just too cute! I love pink!!
Anyway... here are some picutres of my little creation.

Thank you for stopping by and come back soon!