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Monday, June 28, 2010

The item of the day...TAGS

Hello and Good morning, its 6am in Florida and I am so happy to be hearing thunder! Maybe it will rain and cool it down a little bit. Its been miserably hot around here the past few weeks. Rain is always welcomed. I know my Chow, Osa will appreciate some rain. She has really thick black fur.

Well yesterday I spent most of the day preparing my kitchen floor so I could put down some wax, and it turned out wonderful. It shines like its wet! I actually have ceramic tile down and when we got it,  I chose a mat finish...well im so over mat I want shiny, soooooooooooooooo, I now have  shiny floors! Let me show you some before and after pics....

This is Before...

And this is After...Wow right? and this is with it dry!!! yay!
AND...its NOT slippery!
AND it doesn't show foot did before while mat but not now, that is odd huh?!
 I love

I also wanted to share this little video of some tags I have up for auction on Ebay. Check 'em out.
thanks for stopping by and leave me a comment I would love to  meet all of ya'all.

Huggs Elsa

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  1. The floor look awesome Elsa...your Chow will love you even more now!

    And your cute little camera person giggling is so adorable! :)

    I really enjoy watching these videos from you. :)Chelsea


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