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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Visiting California...

Hello, today is Wed half the week is gone.  I hate how fast time is passing me by, but when I'm at work, I tell you, I LIVE for Fridays!!! lol I just love being home.  Two weeks ago I flew, via Southwest airlines to California!! yeap... I made the trip. ALONE, mind you. First time since my girls were born that I travel alone. I always drag one of them with me, I won't even go to the craft stores alone, BUT I got on a plane and flew to California!

I landed in San Diego, and it is BEAUTIFUL there.  The weather, the people are amazingly friendly but the best part is my sissy lives there, well wait...not in San Diego, she lives an hour away in Murieta. Another beautiful place.

What I missed.. and just enjoyed the hell out of...were the Mountains. I miss them so much, being raised in Texas, mountains were a big part of my world. I traded them in for glorious white sandy beaches and warm gulf waters.

So, what I wanted to share with you today were these pictures. 1st, I will start by saying that its a very Dry climate, just NEVER rains, at least not in the area my sissy lives in.  A huge change for me since one would think I live in the rain forest,-- it rains a lot in Pensacola.

But back to my pictures, usually..."usually" expects rainbows to show up AFTER a heavy rain... or at least a few drops of water have fallen from the sky, but nope. Not this pretty, bright the middle of the sunny, dry, desert day... it just popped up, like a daisy!
 How pretty huh?

 Do you see it??  oh it was a beautiful day... 
Claudia and I, had just had a great day of laughing and shopping 
and on our way home when this just started to form...

Look at that beautiful sky... and the rainbow well on it's way...

This is just a picture of an awesome bridge that caught my eye... 
love those mountains though... I have a few more images to show ya'll but 
I'll have to find them! lol

I spent 10 awesome days and it wasn't enough to do everything we 
wanted to do!!!  I had not seen her since 2004, so this trip was very special and
exciting for me.  She has always held a special place and my heart, she is one of my
girls~! But anyways....
Just thought I'd share a lil bit of me with you... 
Thanks for visiting...and for all your love and support!!!

Hugs & kisses from me and my sissy Claudia...

Monday, September 21, 2015

Finally Speaking About Depression~Birds In The Trees

HI all!!!  It's been a while since my last post...and with me its mainly because I have developed a LOVE for television!! lol omg, so many shows to watch so little time, well THAT and the fact that when I get home from work, I do NOT want to concentrate on anything else, I'm so tired. But as tired as I am, I will never be as tired as my kiddo is everyday just dealing with depression.

Up until a few years ago, for me depression had a reason, you ARE YOU SAD?  could be answered with..."Because.... blah blah blah... I would look for a solution and fix it, or make it better or at least try to.  But then, my first born, my partner in crime, admits to herself and everyone around her that she has been quietly suffering with depression...and it rendered me totally useless up against this monster, that is depression, as Krystal calls it.

The helplessness that I feel, is unreal...I want her back, I want her happy.  But unfortunately this is one trip she has to travel by herself...I'm there to lend a helping hand, supportive advice and unconditional love, but ... at the end of the day, she stands alone fighting this thing!

She must of been of been having a really good day today cause she looks great in this video, usually it takes all she has to even speak...she is always sad, and distant, and I for one hate to see her like that.

I hadn't mentioned it, but since she decided to break her silence and post the following video...I decided to jump in and help her spread the word, raise awareness and maybe let some of you know that you are NOT ALONE. If you share symptoms or just wanna show her your there, that SHE IS NOT alone, drop by her youtube channel and contact her.

Click here to show her sum luv... She would love to hear from you, it might be the path she needs to take to start her recovery.... who knows!

I appreciate everyone of you...all who take the time to comment and follow me through my crafty channels...and now through this bump on the make it worthwhile.!!