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Monday, September 21, 2015

Finally Speaking About Depression~Birds In The Trees

HI all!!!  It's been a while since my last post...and with me its mainly because I have developed a LOVE for television!! lol omg, so many shows to watch so little time, well THAT and the fact that when I get home from work, I do NOT want to concentrate on anything else, I'm so tired. But as tired as I am, I will never be as tired as my kiddo is everyday just dealing with depression.

Up until a few years ago, for me depression had a reason, you ARE YOU SAD?  could be answered with..."Because.... blah blah blah... I would look for a solution and fix it, or make it better or at least try to.  But then, my first born, my partner in crime, admits to herself and everyone around her that she has been quietly suffering with depression...and it rendered me totally useless up against this monster, that is depression, as Krystal calls it.

The helplessness that I feel, is unreal...I want her back, I want her happy.  But unfortunately this is one trip she has to travel by herself...I'm there to lend a helping hand, supportive advice and unconditional love, but ... at the end of the day, she stands alone fighting this thing!

She must of been of been having a really good day today cause she looks great in this video, usually it takes all she has to even speak...she is always sad, and distant, and I for one hate to see her like that.

I hadn't mentioned it, but since she decided to break her silence and post the following video...I decided to jump in and help her spread the word, raise awareness and maybe let some of you know that you are NOT ALONE. If you share symptoms or just wanna show her your there, that SHE IS NOT alone, drop by her youtube channel and contact her.

Click here to show her sum luv... She would love to hear from you, it might be the path she needs to take to start her recovery.... who knows!

I appreciate everyone of you...all who take the time to comment and follow me through my crafty channels...and now through this bump on the make it worthwhile.!!


  1. Hi Krystal! I have to say that I admire you so much for being so honest and talking about "the monster that is depression". I am 56 years old and have suffered from depression for over 30 years, on and off. I recognise all of the things that you describe, especially the feeling overwhelmed by "stuff". My ex-husband never understood and had no compassion over it. If he couldn't see "a physical ailment" then it just didn't exist in his opinion.
    I am in the UK, but I would love to hear of your progression in dealing with depression. I sincerely hope that your life improves immensely and look forward to hearing about your victory over depression. Take good care of yourself! xxxx Sending you love and positive thoughts xxx Alexis Smith

    1. Hi Alexis! I really do hate that you are also dealing with this. :( It is such a struggle every single day. I also hate that your ex-husband couldn't bring himself to understand what you were going through. My husband has also had a hard time fully understanding what it is I deal with on a daily basis. He thinks thinking happy thoughts will cure it! But, he is trying to understand it more here lately. So I am thankful for that. I Really appreciate you taking the time to show your support, and to share a piece of your story with me!!
      Also sending love and positive thoughts your way!
      Nothing but LoVe


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