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Monday, February 28, 2011

Scheduled UStream REscheduled! lol

Hi all...the mini paper bag album kits did very well...but I'm not sure they all have arrived at their destination...they went as far as London, Germany, New Zealand and Norway!!! THANK you all!! So I have rescheduled it the 12th of March. Hope to see ya all there!

St Patty's Dimensional Card and Just Green It Challange

Hi...well I'm on a card making spree! I recently received the prize from the Lindsy Stamp Gang contest!!! Love their products...I used them on this card and thier sparkle is truly amazing! LOVE it!  I also decided to enter this card in a challange over at  Its a Just Green It challange, there are over 180 entries!!! Way to go!  Good luck to me! lol
Here is a mini tutorial on how I made this card, at least the face of the card. I didnt have time to make the whole card...that will be my next project. Maybe I can get Kat to video tape that! Cause flying solo is not working out too good for me! :(  

Pull those papers out and make a card! Then show me what you did!!! Love ya all and as always

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cyber Sis, Suzie and Dimensional Card

Hi! Sure hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  I spend my Sat with Kat and Brandon. We enjoyed the weather while watching him play at  the park! Loved it! Sweet memories. 

I wanted to share a some blogs with you all.  One is Kimmie's blog at  Unique Scrappiness. She's doing a fantastic job for her Design Team.  If you can, go take a peak at her lovely creations!!! 
Then, consider going over to SuzieQ's blog...Scrapping SuzieQtt. She's been busy stocking her Etsy with crocheted butterflies and roses.  These two gals are sweet and down to earth, you just gotta love em.

I've decided to give card making a whirl...again. lol Im not much of a card maker-- maybe with practice I can master this art? Card making is very difficult for me! On the other hand, Krystal loves making cards and has sold each & every card she's ever made.! Visit her blog  Krystals Night. She is in school now & has very little spare time to create -but give her time, she is working on getting things done!

I thought I 'd also share this video. Let me know what ya' think...( love em comments!!!)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TOP 10! Yes mam'

Hi another mini post...I'm soooo excited!!! This has truly been my birthday month, filled with loads fo fun stuff! Thanks to all of you ladies, I made the top 10 over at the Lindsy Stamp Gang blog!! and won a prize!! Not even sure what I won but hey..I WON!!! lol I get excited when I know Im gonna get a package!!! Just love once again THANKS TO ALL THAT VOTED!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Help me out yes?

Ok... I joined this one contest over at the Lindsy Stamp Gang blog  and the voting poles are opened...soooooooooooooooo I need you all lovely ladies to skip-hop- and surf over and vote for me...Im number #24 "It's Pink".  The voting is on the right hand side!!
Follow this link over there

HUGS n Love


HI I spent it in my scraproom. All but one order will go out in the mail tomorrow.  I'm ready to start creating and I'm very excited about the ideas dancing in my head.  Can't wait to share them with you all.

But first, I wanted to Remind you all of my lil challange I have going on, you know the one with ABBIE...right click her, copy her to you pc...color her, put her on a project and use mr. linkie so I can see her! Come on you all JOIN in! lol I wanna see what you've used her for...I have 3 participants already yay!!!!
Go here to get all the detail and to get Abbie

Also, for those of you who missed my UStream class, I am so sorry but I did not record it! I forgot!! I blame it on Krystal, as my assistant she should have caught that no??? lol  but ok.
Thanks so much for visiting!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ustream fun!! and Freebie Irish Print out

HI!! OHHH what fun tonights class was. Krystal even sang for us!! and I could just die for not hitting the record button!!! aggh!!! Everyone that showed up was so much fun and I think the final project turned out pretty good eh? Did any of you follow along??? Krystal was so busy chatting I didnt get much of the conversation! lol I also left before I forgot to do my lil give away...soooo instead I'm going to give ya all this to print out.  Just so you can start working on  your Irisih projects!!!  Two of the images I found online and I just incorporated them into my own designs...hope you like em and that you can use them!!!

Just right click on the images and all 3 items will save at the same time. Once again THANKS!!!
APPRECIATE you all so much!!

As Always...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ustream this Sat plus Freebie!! Sweet Memories printout.

HI we go again. We will be adding the back and front covers to the mini album we started last Saturday. 
You will need...
  • 2 pieces of chipboard, at least 6.5" x 4.5'
  • Enough paper to cover the front and back of each chipboard piece
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon, key rings or what ever you have decided to bind it with, I will be using the Bind-it All metal rings.
  • Ink to edge the covers, I will be using Tim Holtz's distressing inks
  • Embellishements to put on the cover, I think Im going to use one of my flower sprigs and a computer printer saying.
I made a printout for you  to use if you want to ... I will be using the top one with the Butterfly (of course! lol) but I did it several different ways so maybe you  all can us it. I will be printing it and layering before I place it on the front of my book. Just right click it, save it and print it!  When you right click it will save ALL 4 images as one.  Hope it works!!!

Ok the class is this Saturday, Feb 19th (1 day from my special day!!!! did i mention that fact yet??? lol) ok the class starts at 6pm...Hope to see ya all there!!

Saturday, Feb 19th, at 6pm Central Standard time...

7 pm Easter time
5 pm Mountain time
4 pm Pacific Time

here is the freebie image...

and as always.....

Entering a Lindy's Stamp Gang contest...

Hi all, ok so here is another first for me. I entered my lil project over at the Lindy Stamp Gang blog.   They are hosting a "Few of your favorite things Contest"  All I had to do was design a project using my favorite guess what color mine was?? lol PINK! yeap. Love pink...the contest ends on my birthday, the 20th of Feb!! (Did I mention this was my birthday month???? hmmm??? huh??? lol )  I'm not sure how the judging is going to work but go check them out and if you'r allowed to vote, hit mine up! lol  Lots of talent over there though.  Here is the image I submitted.
Those of you joing the UStream class for the mini album don't forget the kit and a lil note, I had to reshedule the Tag mini date.  "Life" is mandating my schedule again! lol here is the's a  photo frame / mat. It has a back stand like a photo frame would. 

I used one of my flower sprigs to complete this project, it just finished it off so nicely!!

oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh one more thing!!!
THANKS for the great response to my flower sprigs!! WOW!!! I have been busy makeing those!! I shipped the first boxes today!! I have several more to complete tonight and those will be out this Friday! Can't thank you all enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are all the ones going out tomorrow and need some to get ready for Friday...LOVE YA ALL!!!

and as always....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mini Paper Bag Mini Kit and Flower Sprigs!

Hello...first I want to thank you all for your support with  my flower sprigs!! Wow, I am so super excited everyone loved them! I have to make a few to ship out tomorrow, I have honestly been on cloud 9! THANKS all! Sincerely...thanks!!!
And now, I was reminded to post the Kit for the Ustream class on March 5th, this babys have to be shipped out soon in order for those of you outside the USA can get them in time. But no worries, if its late going out, I will reschedule the class..."OHANA - No one gets left behind!" lol (from one of my fav Disney movies, Lilo&Stich") lol  Anyway...its been posted on my KITS FOR SALE page so click on the button ^up there...but here is the video....enjoy.

Loves and hugs...oh all busy working on my challange??? hmmm? huh???? lol
ok video...action...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

as always....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hi all! UStream success ...and Flower Sprigs

Hi all, my second Ustream class was just as much fun as the first one! The bunch of ladies attending are such an awesome bunch!! and quick learners!! omg, they were all busy working and keeping up, it was just awesome. Wanna thanks my Krystal for being such a huge help to me!! She keeps the motion at a steady that child of mine!!
I have scheduled 3 more meeting on Ustream I'll post them in the next day or so.
The next one though is this coming Sat the 19th, we will be adding the back and front covers to our mini album and binding it. :) yay!
Here is a view of the flower sprigs I showed during class, they are now for sale on my KITS FOR SALE page, if your interested click up there ^ on the button.

and as always...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Supplies for Ustream class tomorrow ...

Hello...its here! Time for another UStream class!! Per requst, I will be showing you the 12x12 One page binding technique! yay! Once again we will only be creating the pages, 4 pages makes for a pretty chunky book.  Tomorrow Saturday, Feb 12th, at 6pm Central Standard time...

7 pm Easter time
5 pm Mountain time
4 pm Pacific Time

Measurements to be scored, for those that need conversions you can do it ahead of time...Here are some I can remember off the top of my head...
We will be scoring at

5" inches
8 3/4" inches
10 1/2" inches

Cutting at
3.5" inches
1/2 "inches

So to create the four pages you will need...
  • 8 sheets of double sided paper (4 for the pages and 4 to add pockets and such) :)
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Bind-it All  or Crop-a-dile or Hole punch
  • Bone folder or what ever you use to score with
  • 1.5" round punch (that is the size I use, it can be smaller or a lil bigger)
  • Decorative paper punch and Corner punch
  • Some kind of color chalks or inks I use Tim Holtz Distress inks (colors to coordinate with your papers)
Hope I remembered to list everything you need!  Can't wait to spend some time with you all again!!

here is the link to my UStream channel..

This is a video of a completed project...

and as always...

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Completed Wrap Around Mini

Hi all...this is my mini from the UStream class. Thanks to all the ladies that have shared their finished albums with me.  You all did such a wonderful job...Im not really liking mine! lol It has no pink!! and no butterflies! imagine that...well here goes, enjoy...

and as always...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

 Hello my when I opened my comments I was warmly surprised by this award.  What I do, I do cause I Love meeting people, I love creating and I genuinely love Sharing...I have never experienced such caring from people I haven't even met;  like I have with all of you on Blogger and Youtube. It truly warms my soul and encourages me to continue.    Paula, I met when I visted her UStream class, and she was my first "win" ever...she had us draw numbers and I wont a Sizzix die!! I couldnt have been happier and more appreicative, and now Paula is the First to send me this award and say some truly nice things about me on her blog She is such a neat person and I'm glad to have met her.
I have to do a couple things first though, first I have to tell you 8 things about myself and then pass it on to 8 other talented ladies...This is going to be so hard, since I can only send it to 8 of here goes...

8 things about me...
  1. I was born in Texas and moved to Florida in 1985 and a year later my first daughter Krystal was born making me the happiest person on Earth. (I divorced her father cause I allowed him to turn me into a statisic...I was a battered wife for 4 years)
  2. I met my soul mate in 1988 and 2 years later my  youngest was born Brandi...she is one of God's kids a miracle in more ways than one. My daughter has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and has one of the best attitudes about it! She is a great kid!
  3. I feel blessed everyday and thank the Lord for giving me a hint of creativity that has allowed me to meet all you sweet ladies.
  4. I hate to excercise, even though my big butt needs it! I would rather sit, craft and eat chocolate!
  5. I love to dance and have me a  some white russians! mm hmmm yes mam' love that Khalua lol
  6. I love Criminal Minds, NCIS, CIS and all that is TWILIGHT!! Go Team Edward!!
  7. I think no scrapbooker can EVER have enough paper, paper punches, chalk, glue, you name it I can never get enough of it!!!
  8. I like to eat bananas and peanut butter and can drink up to 8 pitchers of coffee a day! (think maybe that is why I don't sleep? )lol

Now... I chose the following 8 talented ladies...

1. Krystal Because without her I couldn't video tape all those tutorials!! haha nooo, because she keeps me on my toes, tells me what I need to hear not what I want to hear and because she has some neat talents of her own!! You just gotta love 'er.

2. Kimie Because she listens when you speak...she is a true friend and she creates some of the most femenine and beautiful items and in just a short period of time she became my cyber sis!!!

3. Suzie Because she is one of the most friendliest most enthusiactic persons' I have come across. She makes you feel at home And her creations are stunning. Just check her paper bag album! wow!

4. Arlene Because she comes across as so sincere, shares all her talents and her projects are totally Stunning!

5. Tmika Because this lady has the best  most organized swaps! They are always fun and creative.  She is also so nice and someone you would love to have as a friend!

6. Kathy Because she is full or engergy!! and her creations are amazing!

7. Jules Because this girl don't meet a stranger. She has an instant charm that disarms you and makes you wanna hug her! Plus she shares her talents on youtube to newbies!!!

8 Bona Because all her creations are so beautiful! She is so talented and does such a great job of sharing all her information for others to benefit! Plus she makes a great friend, another one I wish I lived by!!

Ok, that was the hardest thing I had to do! To pick 8 is just hard!! lol In my heart all you ladies diserve an award...

Thanks for following me...
and as alway....