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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ustream fun!! and Freebie Irish Print out

HI!! OHHH what fun tonights class was. Krystal even sang for us!! and I could just die for not hitting the record button!!! aggh!!! Everyone that showed up was so much fun and I think the final project turned out pretty good eh? Did any of you follow along??? Krystal was so busy chatting I didnt get much of the conversation! lol I also left before I forgot to do my lil give away...soooo instead I'm going to give ya all this to print out.  Just so you can start working on  your Irisih projects!!!  Two of the images I found online and I just incorporated them into my own designs...hope you like em and that you can use them!!!

Just right click on the images and all 3 items will save at the same time. Once again THANKS!!!
APPRECIATE you all so much!!

As Always...


  1. It was a great show tonight, Elsa. I had a great time. Thanks bunches!

  2. Elsa, I love how you did your cover. You are very talented. Can wait for your next UStream class. Have a Happy Birthday!!

  3. Im sooo sad I missed it. Was hoping to catch the recording this morning...well hopefully next saturday. Have a fabulous day!!

    Is there a way I can see it. I am trying to see on ustream but it is not uploaded there. Thanks

  5. Elsa as always you and Krystal were fab. I enjoyed myself I loved Krystals singing she's a wonderful co-hostess, you guys make a great team.

  6. Dear Elsa,
    I wasn't able to watch your ustream on Saturday night, and I was all set to view it on Sunday morning. I am so disappointed that it didn't record as I made the pages of the mini album after watching your last week's ustream, and was just waiting to see how to finish up the cover. Is there any possibility that you could print out the directions on your blog or make a tutorial? I love all the work that you do and your daughter Krystal is such a great assistant. Thank you so much!

  7. Sorry to miss the show - and I see you mentioned you didn't hit the record :(
    I think I found the video on the kit that went perhaps with the UStream (?) thanks!

  8. Hi, Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the class, I watched the tap did not get to watch it live. Where do I find you dates so I won,t miss another one.
    One question I ordered the kit have the been mailed, if so will you check to see if mine was mailed. Appreciate your help
    Thanks for all the fun, and you sharing with us.
    Hugs, MaryNell(Bee) Johnson in Texas


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