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Friday, April 29, 2011

HI all some freebie print outs

HELLO!!! Oh its sooo pretty out today and all I've been doing is bumming it! lol Still in my pj's and its 2pm!! I did clean house and did 2 loads of laundry though. Just finished watchng 1st season of DropDead it.  I have had several request for a kit for that baby mini I just showed you all...If your interested in one please comment on this post and I'll see if I can find the same papers.

Krystals has moved her Ustream class to May 15, since we over looked the fact that the 8th is Mother's Day!!  How dare she not know!! lol  
Talking about Mother's Day here are some images I did on photoshop and wanted to share with you all for being such an awesome bunch of friends!!!  Just right click and copy to your computer. Print them out, stickle them and enjoy...

HUGGS AND KISSES  and as always

Thursday, April 28, 2011

1st Six Month Mini Ablum Custom Made

Hi all...I finally completed the Baby Album for Kristina, she was born only a couple of weeks ago. This chunky bear album is going all the way to Greece, I sure hope she likes it! Vicki if you haven't recieved the album yet, don't look at the video unless you wanna see it here before you get it! lol I had lots of fun making this album. I love pink which made it even "funner!" lol I love that none/word. I hope everyone is enjoying the remainder of their Thursday...Oh the last of the flower sprig orders are going out tomorrow, so if you ordered, they should get to you next week Monday or Tues I hope. Ok WEll THANKS!!! to all for your support!!!
Enjoy the video...xoxoxoox

Huggs, kisses and as always....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hello Ladies!!! Wanted to stop and wish everyone a very Happy Easter tomorrow!   I get to enjoy the whole easter egg hidding thing again, thanks to Brandon!! Kimi, my sister down unders, mentioned how after the kids grow up, the easter egg painting egg hunting is not as fun, but Brandon is 2 this year and Im sure he will enjoy the search!!!  We will be dyeing eggs tonight! Left everything till the last moment! Nothing new!! I didn't even make any easter designs!  This year is running right past me! 
Anyway...Eat lots of chocolate and joy the day...keeping in mind the Meaning of Easter.

love to all and as always....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flowers on their way!

HI...I hope everyone is enjoy their day. Its beautiful out today in Pensacola, sun is shinning, birds are singing and even though allergies are at an all time high!, its still to pretty to stay indoors. So I did the outdoors thing today!! I went to Micheals, Joanns and Hobby Lobby!! lol That is as outdoorsy as I get gals! lol
I also made it to the post office and the first batch of flowers has been will get an email from paypal with a tracking number.  I have 3 more order and I'll be caught up!  THANK YOU THANK YOU all for the awesome support!!!  
Ok so, I am going back to the craft room and finish those last 3 flower orders (unless more came in while I was being outdoors! lol) I also have to show you all this custom baby mini album I made! I will record it and try to post it tonight.
Have fun scrapping ladies!
Huggs...kisses and as always..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hi!!! and FLOWERS are here!

Hello!!! I have a bit quiet, busy around the house and enjoyng the warm days.  Krystal and I have been taking Brandon to the park and by the beach to feed the seagulls. I so enjoy doing that...but I think I've had enough of a break. I got busy making flower sprigs, since so many of you requested them. Thanks so much for doing that!!! I added white roses this time and I must say they are my favorite!!!  I have posted them in the Kits section and I only made a few of each color, so if you want some please go check them out. 
Want to thank all of you who wrote me and sent me such nice cards and kind words! I sure appreciate every single one of you THANKS THANKS THANKS!!
Here's a picture of the white flower sprig, and let me tell you these pictures do not do these flowers justice!! They are so shiny with stickles -the green is vibrant and the bling just blings so pretty!! unlike in these pictures :(

Also, Krystal will have her first UStream class on May 8th. She will show you all how to make the pages like the ones she used to make my birthday mini album. She showed it off on my last UStream class and since then she has had so many requests for a tutorial and a kit, so she also has a kit over on her blog.  So if you have a chance go check her blog out at

Hugs and kisses and as always...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hi all...

Dropping in to say HI! and to assure everyone that had a custom mini album order, that I am ON IT! lol I hope to complete the first batch of mini's ordered by next week! yay!!! I am also ,  during half-time,  working on our next project!  It looks perfect in my head, but once I cut it out, the paper don't quite wanna do what I want it to do!!! So its back to the drawing board! 
{Also, wanted to let you in on a little bit of what's going on behind the scenes...Life has also  dealt me a hard blow one that rocked my world and kinda kicked me off my axes. Im trying to deal with it, and inbetween confused emotions (crying, saddness, angry, furious) I think it's getting better! Kimmi said..." ...time heals" and I believe that it will, I just wish Father Time would hurry it's butt up!!! }

Ok well...moving on to something better, when you have a chance go check out  Krystals "Identity Crisis Bears!" lol She has paper pieced some cute bears in bunny outfits! Or are they bears who think they are bunnies? lol These cuites are great to make Easter cards, layouts or use on the front of a mini. Im so proud of her, she is doing so well with her paper designs. Also while your there, encourage her to do a class for that mini album she showed off during my last UStream!  Click HERE to visit her blog.  Thanks all.

Ladies, I appreciate all the kinds words and encouragement that I've been recieving from you lately. Thanks and LOVE you all!!!! For those who asked my email address is  :)
Besitos, love and as always...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Still here...

Ladies I have not forgotten about my lil blog here, but I've been playing catch up. I have several special orders that I have been putting back that can no longer wait. So I'm almost done with those.  I am also working on Mothers day project...yeah I know I completely bypassed Easter! Im running wayyyyyyyyyyy to behind to honor the bunny this year, well as far as a scrapbook is concerned that it, wouldn't wanna make the big man upstair mad or anything! lol   But I think I still have time to post a coupld of kits for mothers day projects and maybe a class on Ustream...sooo I better got off this thing and get to working.  I will keep you all posted...
much love and please don't abondon me!!!