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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flowers on their way!

HI...I hope everyone is enjoy their day. Its beautiful out today in Pensacola, sun is shinning, birds are singing and even though allergies are at an all time high!, its still to pretty to stay indoors. So I did the outdoors thing today!! I went to Micheals, Joanns and Hobby Lobby!! lol That is as outdoorsy as I get gals! lol
I also made it to the post office and the first batch of flowers has been will get an email from paypal with a tracking number.  I have 3 more order and I'll be caught up!  THANK YOU THANK YOU all for the awesome support!!!  
Ok so, I am going back to the craft room and finish those last 3 flower orders (unless more came in while I was being outdoors! lol) I also have to show you all this custom baby mini album I made! I will record it and try to post it tonight.
Have fun scrapping ladies!
Huggs...kisses and as always..


  1. Hi Elsa,
    Gosh you are a busy lady, Just wanted to leave a comment, and share som Love. Miss hearing your laughter.
    XX :-)

  2. Hi Elsa, I discovered you last night on UTube and wanted to let you know I am now a fan. I have thoroughly enjoyed your videos and plan to follow you from now on. I am heading to my craft room to make some of those 12 x 12 page mini album pages. I guess I'll have to remain anonymous since I don't have a blog, but did want you to know I like your style!

    Thanks, Paula

  3. Hi Elsa!!!!! Can't wait to see the baby mini you made! Past by to say Hola! Have a happy Easter to you and yours! ~Elizabeth

  4. Hi Elsa,

    I didn't see that my comment was posted so I thought I would do it again. I just wanted you to know that I love your flowers, they are beautiful. I use flowers in a lot of my projects. I usually make mine with ribbon and lace.

    Also I wanted to mention I see you live in Pensacola, Florida. My son went to college there at Pensacola Christian College.

    Thank You for the inspirations.


  5. @Scrapppinnana...Hi...I didnt get the first comment :( Thank you so much for comming back. Yeah Im about 15 min from the Christian College. Are you from here? Thanks so much for the kind words!!! hugs


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