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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hello Ladies!!! Wanted to stop and wish everyone a very Happy Easter tomorrow!   I get to enjoy the whole easter egg hidding thing again, thanks to Brandon!! Kimi, my sister down unders, mentioned how after the kids grow up, the easter egg painting egg hunting is not as fun, but Brandon is 2 this year and Im sure he will enjoy the search!!!  We will be dyeing eggs tonight! Left everything till the last moment! Nothing new!! I didn't even make any easter designs!  This year is running right past me! 
Anyway...Eat lots of chocolate and joy the day...keeping in mind the Meaning of Easter.

love to all and as always....


  1. Elsa, may you have a Blessed Easter too! Have fun dyeing eggs!!!!!

  2. Happy Easter Elsa, Enjoy the fun and laughter, with the little one.
    XX Blessed to know you

  3. And a very happy Easter to you as well!

  4. Have a Happy Easter, Elsa, to you and your family :)

  5. Hi Elsa
    Hope you had a great Easter. We had a blast and ate wayyyyy toooo much~!!!

  6. Happy Easter My Sissy!! Wish I was there with you and Brandon!! Hunting Easter Eggs....I miss this stuff!! Did you get lots of Chocolate??? TTYS Mwahhhhhh Kimi


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