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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hi all...

Dropping in to say HI! and to assure everyone that had a custom mini album order, that I am ON IT! lol I hope to complete the first batch of mini's ordered by next week! yay!!! I am also ,  during half-time,  working on our next project!  It looks perfect in my head, but once I cut it out, the paper don't quite wanna do what I want it to do!!! So its back to the drawing board! 
{Also, wanted to let you in on a little bit of what's going on behind the scenes...Life has also  dealt me a hard blow one that rocked my world and kinda kicked me off my axes. Im trying to deal with it, and inbetween confused emotions (crying, saddness, angry, furious) I think it's getting better! Kimmi said..." ...time heals" and I believe that it will, I just wish Father Time would hurry it's butt up!!! }

Ok well...moving on to something better, when you have a chance go check out  Krystals "Identity Crisis Bears!" lol She has paper pieced some cute bears in bunny outfits! Or are they bears who think they are bunnies? lol These cuites are great to make Easter cards, layouts or use on the front of a mini. Im so proud of her, she is doing so well with her paper designs. Also while your there, encourage her to do a class for that mini album she showed off during my last UStream!  Click HERE to visit her blog.  Thanks all.

Ladies, I appreciate all the kinds words and encouragement that I've been recieving from you lately. Thanks and LOVE you all!!!! For those who asked my email address is  :)
Besitos, love and as always...


  1. I hope whatever is going on with you is easing up. I am sending you super good thoughts! I also wanted to tell you that I posted my versions of your mini albums and if you would like to check them out I would love it. Take care!

  2. Sorry you are going through rough times;hope they pass quickly. I tried to comment on Krystal's blog earlier this week to request that she do a video tutorial of the album she made you, and I could never get the comment to go through. I will try again, though. But please pass my request along to her. Hope to see you on ustream again soon!! Zola Winnie.

  3. Love you Elsa, Hang in their pretty lady, it will all pass and all your good friends will all be here U. U ROCK GIRL!!!!!
    XX :-)

  4. Oh girlfriend I can understand exactly that crisis....I went through it with the exact emotions you described plus anxiety a few months back. But with time things got better...Thank God. So hang in there and crafting does help to clear your mind. Looking forward to some vids. =D ~Elizabeth

  5. Hello! I hope your situation gets better fast!! Just wanted to drop in and let you know I made a mini based on your one page binding mini. turned out super cute! Thanks for showing how to make it.

  6. Thinking of you are in my heart!! Huggsss to you Kimi xxx


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