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Thursday, April 28, 2011

1st Six Month Mini Ablum Custom Made

Hi all...I finally completed the Baby Album for Kristina, she was born only a couple of weeks ago. This chunky bear album is going all the way to Greece, I sure hope she likes it! Vicki if you haven't recieved the album yet, don't look at the video unless you wanna see it here before you get it! lol I had lots of fun making this album. I love pink which made it even "funner!" lol I love that none/word. I hope everyone is enjoying the remainder of their Thursday...Oh the last of the flower sprig orders are going out tomorrow, so if you ordered, they should get to you next week Monday or Tues I hope. Ok WEll THANKS!!! to all for your support!!!
Enjoy the video...xoxoxoox

Huggs, kisses and as always....


  1. Elsa, what happened? I was waiting for you to talk through the album, but instead only Vanna (White) hands. Love the polish by the way.

    They are going to love this album, the butt stamp is funny, the onsie is adorable and nice touch putting adding a calendr.

  2. Hi Elsia,
    This is so beautiful, gosh Vicki will love it. Beautifull colour combo, I love it ,,,, shabby chicky baby mini. The Bears are adorable. Cool Love the music hehehehehe its stuck in my head now. Miss hearing your laughter though, :-(
    Love yah
    Biesito xx :-)

  3. Elsa this is so pretty....I watch this on you tube......I do have a question.....what die cut or cricut cartridge did you use on the oval tag.....I think that is so adorable....thank you for sharing.....this awesome creations....

  4. @Gloria...Hi! Thanks for the comment and the Vanna white comment was sooo funny! lol I thought the calender would be fun. xoxox

    @Jude...Hey girl! So glad you dropped by to visit and that you liked this mini...I hope she loves it!!! I always worry. I have been humming that song all day today also!

    @Gloria THANKS!!! The oval tag is a nestablities die which I have used to death! Its call the Beaded Oval. Thanks so much for commenting!! xoxoxo

  5. Love, love this album. Will you have a kit with the bear pattern available or a pattern for sale?

  6. Wow, this came out BEAUTIFUL Elsa! LOVE all the details and goodies as you show every page! That's the magic of a good album, and as I build up both my skills AND supplies to work with, I just hope mine come out so nice as yours in time!... Have a great weekend! ~tina

  7. Elsa I love this mini!! It is very beautiful!!! Beautiful colours, beautiful details!!!


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