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Friday, April 1, 2011

Still here...

Ladies I have not forgotten about my lil blog here, but I've been playing catch up. I have several special orders that I have been putting back that can no longer wait. So I'm almost done with those.  I am also working on Mothers day project...yeah I know I completely bypassed Easter! Im running wayyyyyyyyyyy to behind to honor the bunny this year, well as far as a scrapbook is concerned that it, wouldn't wanna make the big man upstair mad or anything! lol   But I think I still have time to post a coupld of kits for mothers day projects and maybe a class on Ustream...sooo I better got off this thing and get to working.  I will keep you all posted...
much love and please don't abondon me!!!


  1. Elsa, I have not abandoned you and most importantly God has not abandoned you! You are loved by your audience very much and I know I miss you! But I also know how busy you are with the girls, being a grandmother and try to ut out all those kit pieces, shop and well live? LOL we are here to support you, so never fear my dear. . . .see ya next week save at least one of those projects each for me. Can't wait to do them.

  2. I am still here! I did finish those books, and they turned out mighty cute! I may get them posted today, if I do I will let you know! Thanks for everything, and come back soon!

  3. much love i always check in with you, and I won't stop!! Between you and Krystal I get my laugh on. Keep inspiring!!

  4. Hi Elsa,
    Thats cool, I know things get really busy, we are women, we are multi-taskers. Carnt wait for the next class.

    Take care
    J X :-)

  5. Hello my lovely I am here!! I will never abandon you either.....I am here for you!! Hugs to you Sissy...I am thinking of you!! TTYS Kimi xx

  6. Hi Elsa, Just found your site, ustream and youtube. love them. will be at the next class if I know when it is. Will keep checking so I don't miss it. You do a great job. Hugs


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