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Monday, March 28, 2011

Quicky post and free cup svg. file

Hello, I have been so busy cleaning my room...what a disaster it can get to be! I came to check my mail though, you know , can't stay way from pc for toooo long or I start getting cold sweats and foaming at the mouth! lol and I found this cute cup svg file. For those of you that have SureCuts a Lot or Making the Cut software you can use this file on your cricut machines.
   (Ions ago when Krystal was a baby, I used to have a hamster  I name "Sirbite Alot" lol that sucker bite me every change it could!!! Every time I see SureCuts aLot I think of him..aawwww lol anywayyyy...)

Click on the words "Grow Cup" and it will take you to my favorite site for free svg files...if you haven't worked with svg files you should give them a chance. They might save you some money on cricut cartdriges. Plus I will be using some svg files for my next project so get to practicing! lol  Ok well hope your enjoying whats left of your Monday. xoxoxo Besitos

and as always


  1. Hello Amiga del Alma I recieved the package today and saw the recording and did my album wow I got alot of things thank you, loved everything.thank Elsa always so sweet, I mailed out your dogy the white one,love her.Well did I scare you when I said I see dead people, is the truth my friend. well see you later besitos tu Amiga Margie

  2. Hi Elsa,
    Thank you for your comment. I loved the Angel Statue. I meant when I said Im gonna get one for my eldest son (in rememberance), he is an angel in heaven, I to love angels, and bird cadges, and birds.
    Love the lastest Mini.

    Arohanui xx :-)


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