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Thursday, March 24, 2011

an Alarm!

Ok so it's after 7am and I yet to go to bed. There is an alarm going off in my house every 3 minutes and I have no idea where it's coming from. We've all heard it, you know the type of alarm that goes off when your phone needs charging, a double...deee dee dee deee sound! (No, I have not lost it!! lol but if I can't find this dang alarm you all might have to come visit me at the Chattahoochee Florida's State Mental Hospital!!!  I swear I've looked everywhere!!! ack! lol But anyways... all  but 2 of the kits ordered are in the mail...the last 2 will go out today.  I pray they will ALL arrive by Sat.  I am going to try really hard to get ahead of schedule!!  I honestly need to post this kits at least 3 weeks before the classes! (sigh)
Ok so now that you'all think I'm a lil' batty, Im gonna try to get some sleep. 
Hope to see ya ALL OF yeap all 295 of you at my upcoming UStream class! lol
Besitos to all...and


  1. did you try checking your fridgerator, the new ones have alarms on them and if the door isn't shut good the alarm goe off or check your smoke detectors and gas monitors.

  2. Hehehehehehe, I come visit you, but not in any mental Hospital!!!!! have you tryed your fridge, if it slightly open without the light on it makes that alarm sound, well ours do in nz. Even the smoke arlam does to, and meter box has a low wattage alarm. Hope that helps, or are you kidding me?????? Oh well laugh on me if I feel for it. Catch'a on Ustream XX :-)

  3. Hi Elsa,
    Could it be your smoke detector needing new battereies? Mind does it once in awhile along with my carbon monoxide detector. I hope you have found it by now!! Hugs, Mary

  4. Hi Elsa! Sorry about the alarm, I know how that is! I will hopefully be at the class, but my BFF and I are spending Saturday at the CK Convention vendor fair. SHOPPING!!! If I don't get you live I will be watching the recording!

  5. Elsa don't worry if I dont get mine I 'll take notes, get some rest mija...did you get my payment?One more question is your pocket book big? look inside amiga mineis as big as a house, and I'm always losing everything in there that's cause everything IS in there you name I have in there even pull-ups

  6. I know how you feel. Just a few months ago, I completely disassembled the smoke alarm in my condo (totally against the rules) because of an awful screeching noise. It turned out to be the water alarm I had near my hot water tank & washer in the laundry room. The washer was leaking. I had many conversations with the fire department that night, let me tell you!

  7. @tinkerbug...Not the fridgerator!!! lol thanks for the input though you gave me an idea where to look for a beeeping sound next time though.

  8. that happened to us - we were running around the house - stopping and listening to figure it out....


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