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Thursday, March 3, 2011


HI ALL...well I guess I need to apology. Let me "esplain"...Krystal and I go to a convention EVERY year. The past 2 years its been in New Orleans and this year its going to be in Biloxi Mississippi! At the Grand Casino!!! (we may need to borrow some money when we get back!) We have been terribly excited since its out lil vacation!! As you can see, we have known about this for a while now...I can even add that KRYSTAL!! had to ask her hubby to take the ummm...11th AND the 12th off from work, BECAUSE we would be gone...see the dilema there???  THE 12TH!!! like as in Sat the 12th?? the same 12th I had scheduled a certain  mini paper bag album class????  but see I'm blamming this whole mess on Krystal cause you all know I don't have a brain...I made it public on my FIRST Ustream class!!! lol anyway...LADIES... I had to reschedule my previously REscheduled class. I will not be here, I will be 2 states down. Gambling!!!lol
Please don't hate me!!!
Love ya all...


  1. hehehehehehe, you are so funny Elsa, yeah I'd blame Krystal to!!!!!!. Have fun, and tell us how you got on.

  2. We could never hate you!! You and Krystal are going to have such fun....make sure you go to the convention first then to the casino lol!! Love ya Sis Kimi xx

  3. We are okay. Please do have the class though, I'm looking forward to it. Enjoy your time.

  4. Have fun Elsa! Win some $$ for me too! :-)


  5. elsa we go enjoy yourself and we can always do the class another day. no one could ever hate you. your great!


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