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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun fun!

Hi all...Once again we had a great time at my Ustream class. Kat even brought a mini (she made me for my birthday) for show and tell. I really think she needs to do a class on how to make the pages! I'd like to learn myself. lol  The Mini tag album was fun and easy  huh?  We had a lil bit of a problem getting started, I think Ustream was not playing nice, but all in all I had fun. I really enjoy all the ladies that attend my classes, you make it so much fun for me!!!! I love it!!!
Also I wanna thanks Kathy for the lovely and thoughtful gift she sent me!!! THANKS!! you know me, I love getting gifts!! lol Appreciate you thinking of me.
Anyway...I have 3 projects in the making and I'm really excited!!!! But before I show them off, I need to convert my drawings to .svg files so I can get some help from Cricut cutting them. It would take me a day and 3 moons to cut what I have in mind by hand if I put out a kit. I haven't even completed them for me yet, but ohhh in my head they look awesome!!! lol  Watch it all turn into a scrapmare! no no...positive thinking!
Ok well ladies, thanks so much for watching and reading  and for all your support! LOVE YA ALL!!!
and as always....


  1. HA HA! Too funny! I bet what's in your head comes out perfect as always! I got the mini bag album done, and am finishing up the one from last night. I will post them this week and let you know so you can critique! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Elsa, Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful projects with us!! The scrapbooks that you make are gorgeous!! And, Oh My Goodness those flowers are gorgeous too!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!! Thank you again for the great Ustream class!!
    Suzan Laverty

  3. Hi Elsa, Just loved the class, apart from trying to get to you at the end, as we had a major down pour of rain, that booted me off the system, gosh it was funny trying to say good bye to yah all, but that didn't dampen my fun time with you girlz. Thanks for an awesome tutorial, krystal and brandi have to do tutorials on their take on scrapbooking, Hey women now that'sgonna be a mad show.
    XX :-) hahahaha

  4. OMG!!!!!

    Elsa this bolg is AWESOME girfriend I love it, gosh you girlz R super savy on this kinda thing, thats another tutioral yah gonna have to do, hahahahahah x ;-)

    Love yah's


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