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Monday, March 21, 2011

Mini Tag album on its way!

HI all! Hope everyone is enjoying the new week! This past Saturday's Ustream class was a blast. I had both my girls working along, I just loved it! The mini is coming along quit nicely too, as soon as I complete it I will post it. The next class is my NEVER ENDING mini!!! Loads and loads of requests for that one- also kit requests are coming in now...sooooo if you want a kit please email me at Or got to the kits sectioin I will have a paypal button for you to use.
 I havn't had a chance to post a video of the kit, but It will include EVERYTHING you see in the completed mini below...all the tags, front embelishments, ribbon and the 3 sheets needed to complete your own mini album.  I will use the same paper you see I used for my mini first then if I run out of that paper you will be getting K&Co paper and everything will coordinate lovely I promise!  (let me know if you prefer K&C) I want to have kits shipped by no later than Wed since the class is this Sat. I KNOW!! Im running behind! What's new???? I just can't get ahead of the ballgame! Anyway, if you live outside the USA, and you want a kit just please note you might not get it in time for the class! (sorry about that) ok here is the video...

love you all!!!


  1. Hi Elsa,
    Loved your Ustream class Saturday. I have a ruler just like yours from Michael's and if you look on it - it is made in the USA. I got so excited! Hard to find stuff made here anymore. Thanks for all that you share. Hugs, Mary

  2. Elsa,

    I also loved your mini album class and am enjoying putting it together! I am looking forward to this class this week. Thank you for all you do! Blessings, Nancy

  3. Elsa, I love your minis and your classes are the best. I am looking forward to the class this week.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!
    Daysi :)

  4. I am soooooo looking forward to another class....Maybe I cna be organised enought to make along this time....;)

  5. Hi Elsa, you are a hoot to watch, I'm so glad you record your Ustream classes, that way I can go back or pause.
    I just added you to my list for The Versatile Blog Award, so stop by when you get a chance.

  6. Hiya Elsa, just wondered if you will be recording the tutorial for this never ending mini? I aint been keeping well lately and there is no way I am gonna be able to stay up to watch. I am thinking of giving it a try for neighbours of ours. I was looking after their hens while they were on hols for three weeks but the stuff the gave me as a thankyou was crazy so I feel I have to give them a proper thank and thought this would be good for the holiday pics of their granchildren. xx


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