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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TOP 10! Yes mam'

Hi another mini post...I'm soooo excited!!! This has truly been my birthday month, filled with loads fo fun stuff! Thanks to all of you ladies, I made the top 10 over at the Lindsy Stamp Gang blog!! and won a prize!! Not even sure what I won but hey..I WON!!! lol I get excited when I know Im gonna get a package!!! Just love once again THANKS TO ALL THAT VOTED!!!


  1. Oh well done you what a great thing to happen during your birthday month x x hugs xx

  2. Congratulations Elsa! I voted for you before I even read your blog to say you were in the contest. You were the best! Hugs, Mary

  3. I knew you were going to win! Hi Elsa hope you and the family are perfect.Thank you for the Teddy it is beautiful, just love it I have on a little stand with your card. Take care

    hugs and lots of love from Me!
    tu Amiga Del Alma


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