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Monday, February 7, 2011

My Completed Wrap Around Mini

Hi all...this is my mini from the UStream class. Thanks to all the ladies that have shared their finished albums with me.  You all did such a wonderful job...Im not really liking mine! lol It has no pink!! and no butterflies! imagine that...well here goes, enjoy...

and as always...


  1. very pretty Elsa but what a shock no pink or butterflies does not seem like you where you feeling ok when you embellished? It looks lovely though hun. Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog im hoping your right about it being a new week.
    love and hugs


  2. Elsa, love how it came out! You should be happy, it doesn't have any pink, but it has enough swirls, lace and flowers to be girly, you can even add some more bling. Love it!
    Gloria H

  3. I love this album!!! It is gorgeous!!! Blue and green are two of my favorite color combinations! You Rock!!!


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