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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hi all! UStream success ...and Flower Sprigs

Hi all, my second Ustream class was just as much fun as the first one! The bunch of ladies attending are such an awesome bunch!! and quick learners!! omg, they were all busy working and keeping up, it was just awesome. Wanna thanks my Krystal for being such a huge help to me!! She keeps the motion at a steady that child of mine!!
I have scheduled 3 more meeting on Ustream I'll post them in the next day or so.
The next one though is this coming Sat the 19th, we will be adding the back and front covers to our mini album and binding it. :) yay!
Here is a view of the flower sprigs I showed during class, they are now for sale on my KITS FOR SALE page, if your interested click up there ^ on the button.

and as always...


    Your flower sprigs are just so beautiful I love them!! You are so creative!! I loved your U-stream class.....I had so much fun!! Can't wait for the next one!!

  2. Just gt me one!!so pretty!! Thanks for offering it! xoxo Jules:)

  3. Your sprigs are beautiful. I didn't make the live show, but saw the recorded version, you guys are too funny, it makes the show go by quickly. Thank you for all your tutorials and also the great tip on the mounting tape for your pockets, love this idea.

  4. Loved what I got to see of the recording. Unfortunately mine stopped at about 52 minutes into it and I could never get it to start at that point again. There were some others watching and I think they had the same problem.


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