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Friday, February 11, 2011

Supplies for Ustream class tomorrow ...

Hello...its here! Time for another UStream class!! Per requst, I will be showing you the 12x12 One page binding technique! yay! Once again we will only be creating the pages, 4 pages makes for a pretty chunky book.  Tomorrow Saturday, Feb 12th, at 6pm Central Standard time...

7 pm Easter time
5 pm Mountain time
4 pm Pacific Time

Measurements to be scored, for those that need conversions you can do it ahead of time...Here are some I can remember off the top of my head...
We will be scoring at

5" inches
8 3/4" inches
10 1/2" inches

Cutting at
3.5" inches
1/2 "inches

So to create the four pages you will need...
  • 8 sheets of double sided paper (4 for the pages and 4 to add pockets and such) :)
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Bind-it All  or Crop-a-dile or Hole punch
  • Bone folder or what ever you use to score with
  • 1.5" round punch (that is the size I use, it can be smaller or a lil bigger)
  • Decorative paper punch and Corner punch
  • Some kind of color chalks or inks I use Tim Holtz Distress inks (colors to coordinate with your papers)
Hope I remembered to list everything you need!  Can't wait to spend some time with you all again!!

here is the link to my UStream channel..

This is a video of a completed project...

and as always...


  1. Love interactive minis, this one is so cute. Can't make the show, but will be looking for the recorded one.

  2. i am gathering my double sided paper and can't wait to make it with your class tonight

  3. Hey!
    I'm Eliziebeth who won on Ustream
    I sent you a personal message on youtube with my adress as that is the only way I know of contacting you


  4. Hi Elsa!
    I stayed up last night - I did one more page and my cover (I only wanted three pages instead of 4 due to bulk)! Did a little decorating of my cover. If you want to take a look - I posted what I did thus far on my blog!

  5. Elsa, I am going to try to be the meantime, Jackie and I awarded you a blog award...please stop by and pick it up. Thanks!!
    Michelle (GrammaM)

  6. Hi Elsa, I'm brand new to your blog and Video shows. I just love the things you do. That Bailee Paper is beautiful and I will have to hunt it down. Keep your USTREAM coming and I will be watching.

  7. I am so sorry I missed the show last night. But today after church I came and looked at it. I've playing with this pages since I learned it from your you tube tutorial. And I have to tell you that I love them so much I can hardly stop creating pages and pages. And mini books of course. jajaja. I was wondering..if I can't find in my local Michael's the paper you just used on this stream..can you recommend me a web site where I can go and buy online? I'm going to take more pictures of the mini's I have done using your techniques, and will let you know so you can go and see what I have done. okay? It will be great if the pro,(you) visit me and offer me an opinion. I have a blog but I don't know how to make things smaller..I'm still trying to deal with that. But you can see a couple of the mini's I made using your techniques at

  8. Hi Elsa! I just finished watching your recorded Ustream class on how to make a pocket page out of 1 12x12 piece of cardstock. It was so much fun and I can see that I will probably have to make a few of these fun albums. I have the same K&Company paper and I have to agree it is BEAUTIFUL paper and I love it as well. Thanks again! I thoroughly enjoyed your class and will have to catch one live with the kit. Have a blessed day!


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