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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cyber Sis, Suzie and Dimensional Card

Hi! Sure hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  I spend my Sat with Kat and Brandon. We enjoyed the weather while watching him play at  the park! Loved it! Sweet memories. 

I wanted to share a some blogs with you all.  One is Kimmie's blog at  Unique Scrappiness. She's doing a fantastic job for her Design Team.  If you can, go take a peak at her lovely creations!!! 
Then, consider going over to SuzieQ's blog...Scrapping SuzieQtt. She's been busy stocking her Etsy with crocheted butterflies and roses.  These two gals are sweet and down to earth, you just gotta love em.

I've decided to give card making a whirl...again. lol Im not much of a card maker-- maybe with practice I can master this art? Card making is very difficult for me! On the other hand, Krystal loves making cards and has sold each & every card she's ever made.! Visit her blog  Krystals Night. She is in school now & has very little spare time to create -but give her time, she is working on getting things done!

I thought I 'd also share this video. Let me know what ya' think...( love em comments!!!)



  1. What do you mean, you aren't a card maker. This card is BEAUTIFUL. I make cards and they look nothing like this. I wish I had your talent. I'm looking forward to your upcoming UStream.

  2. Hi Cathy, your comment made me laugh! lol Its really hard for me to get going on cards, they are just hard to create for me. Thanks so much for commenting!!!
    hugs and kisses

  3. Ditto Cathy's comment. Not a card maker? Absolutely beautiful.

    Happy Blogging,

  4. Wow, very dimensional. Just when I thought you were done, you kept on going and going (like the energizer bunny). You transformed the card from plain and flat to fabulous and dimensional.

  5. GORGEOUS!!! I am going to have to pay attention to cards now when I got to Michaels! I love how beautiful you made that image!

  6. Elsa the card is beautiful your too mush mi Reina, loved it. I'm going to take that in consideration. Thank you Hugs and Besitos tu Amiga Margie

  7. I see you are still using your TH scissors to cut your double sided tape....still no icky sticky residue??? :)Hugs Kimi xx

  8. All of your comments make me feel good about my card making! lol It is just so hard for me to get going, I GUESS cause its such a tiny space to work with! THANKS you all for such lovely words!
    and Kimi...yeap! Still no icky sticky residue!!!! yay!!!

  9. Love this card! Wonderful job! Love the Teddy! and yes...the "not a cardmaker" comment made me laugh too! lol Thanks for the shout out! I have been swamped with orders since going on Etsy. I have gotten sales there but it also initiated alot of private sales as well! wow! I think I understand a little of what you were talking about with your flower sprigs! Awesome!


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