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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Speak into the Camera... and Our Story Album

Hi all...its Wednesday! yay! half way thru the week and all is well. No broken bones, no bad news to report so all is well.  I have been trying to video tape myself so I can upload it to YouTube, and so far, with the help of my daughter we have tried 3 or 4 times, with no success! lol  For some reason, I get all tongue tied, my hands want to do their own thing and words seems to miraculously transform into different sounds...I try saying "so you can add pictures" but instead "so you can add papers" comes out!
Speaking into the Camera -  not so easy for me I've found out. So no video "yet". I WILL complete it by Friday though.  I'm calling it "Fantabulous Fridays!" since I plan on post a new video each Friday...what-cha-think?  My daughter Krystal thought of it...a mixture between Fantastic and Fabulous, I love it! 
Anyway, I hope you are all having an awesome week, staying out of the heat! Its in the 100's here in Florida! yikes right?  So in an attempt to keep you indoors, here are some pictures of my lastest mini album. Stay inside and visit with me for a few.  It measure 6x6,  has 14 pages, 9 tags and there are about 20 places for photos and / or jouranling and I think it turned out really cute...what you all think?  Leave me a comment, I love comments!

I will be posting a tutorial on how these insert pages were created, so stay tuned. :)


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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous Gorgeous! I can tell a lot of work and love went into this album!
    Wow! so many beautiful details Elsa.
    You are so brave to make a youtube video! I can't wait to see it!
    Stay cool in that hot weather there!

  2. Absolutly beautiful, can I buy one?


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