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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Stork has arrived...on a MONDAY!

Hi! Well before I knew it Friday was gone and I missed my post! bad me! But it's Monday, so I'm starting fresh. I used to look at Mondays as everyone else, you know...the BLAH day of the week. "OH darn it's Monday!" but thanks to my close friend, Fabiola, who using the powers of Facebook and one little comment made, she changed my entire "Monday" outlook.  She treats Monday's as a New start, a fresh beginning, as yet another opportunity to accomplish what you set out to the past week but didn't complete. So, now, I love Mondays, cause it means I can Start that diet I didnt follow, Start the week with a healthier attitude and ummm **cough** Start on my plan of posting to my blog every Mon-Wed-Friday "at least"! So instead of feeling bad cause I missed Friday's post, I feel great that it's Monday and I can start ALL over again, FRESH! Thanks Fabi for the fabulous outlook!!! love ya!!
Now, I would like to share this little Stork mini chipboard album. It's  3x3 I believe and has lots of space for journalling and mini pictures.   

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful Monday!!


  1. Thank you much DeeDee! :) Appreciate the comment.

  2. It is so great to have close friends even that we are so far away. Those years we spend together really had magic. That you are so right. Even after all these years with no communication we still very close friends.
    Thak you, and congratulations on your creation, they are beautiful.


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