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Friday, June 11, 2010

Wayyyyy tooo long!

Hello! Well once again I have neglected my little blog here! Tis Tis on me :(  I need to make an effort to at least post 3 times a week! Don't you all think that's fair?

So, Mon-Wed-Fri's will be my posting days. Thats give me the weekend to make stuff for Mondays and a day in between each other day.  I will post a new design. I am also going to start posting videos on here and on youtube with all these new techniques I've been learning locally and on the internet. I'm excited about that! Hope you will come back Monday for my first official post! hhahaha because you know these have been UNofficial! Its eary and I've had NO coffee!
For now I will share this little box I made last week. Its now for sale on Etsy.  When I was designing this cutie I was thinking it would make a great gift for a new baby. I thought it would be used as a Momento box. You know, where you can put your baby's first pacifier, maybe the little socks you brought her home in and a locket of her new born hair?  I always got flowers after the birth of my daughters, which was great, they were beautiful, but flowers die! And I have nothing to show for it now...but see, this littel bos will be there until you decided to get rid of it...but why would you do that?? lol It comes with a mini tag. I think its just too cute! I love pink!!
Anyway... here are some picutres of my little creation.

Thank you for stopping by and come back soon!

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