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Sunday, January 30, 2011

IT'S THERE! UStream Update

UMMM...OK...SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The Ustream video is there! I guess it takes a while for it to post??? You can find it here...

This has been a long day! lol I'm going to bed now just wanted to update this.  xoxoxo


  1. Thanks for hosting your first Ustream. It was fantastic.
    I put your button on my blog and my email is
    My sign in name is Jimsdee
    Again I really enjoyed the mini you shared with us last night.

  2. Thank you Elsa for sharing your flip fold mini on Ustream. I was there but just don't type. I can't do the project and type at the same time. You did a fabulous job. Love the mini. I can't wait for the February Ustream class. Hugs, Mary

  3. Congratulations...everything went well last night. I knew guys where a fantastic duo...Krystal and you.
    Todas estabamos felices, Elsa.....thanks for sharing your creativity. Really! many thanks!

  4. I got up this morning and made my book. You gave such good directions. Thanks for sharing your time and talent. Proudmommy702

  5. Hey Elsa! Great ustream! I wanted to show you what i created...unembellished...during the class. Check out my blog at to see what i did! I can't wait to finish decorating it and to do another one! Can't wait for the next Ustream! You girls ROCKED!!
    much love

  6. Hugs to you my dear.....what a HUGE success your first ustream was!! I am so very very pleased for you!!! It was such a blast!!! Kim xx

  7. LADIES...I can't thank you all enough for making my first class such a wonderful success and unique experience!!!!
    I love all of you!!

  8. It was a great class! I wrote down all the measurements and will be making one next weekend. That was sweet of you to show us your new digi.
    Also - looking forward to the kit.
    luv2scrap44 at yahoo dot com

  9. Hi Elsa
    I really enhoyed your U-Stream on Saturday and was able to follow along and make the mini. I just started getting into scrapbooking and making mini albums. Both you and Krystal did a great job.
    My sign in name is jjassy81 and I put your button on my blog and my blog is and my email is

    I look forward to your next U-Stream

  10. Elsa I'm sorry I missed your class I had family come over on the last minute. But I watched it later and I loved it. You are so nice. Great Job and keep the videos coming. I'll put you button on my blog.

  11. Thanks for the instruction on the mini-album. It is awesome. I wrote it all down, to see if I can understand and make one from my notes :) If not, I can always watch the U-stream video again. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Elsa, You and Krystal did a wonderful job for your first ustream!! Hope there will be more;) Wishing you guys a great week!!

  13. Hi Elsa I finish my Valentine Wrap around Mini check out my Blog


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