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Friday, January 21, 2011


Hey ladies, Im on my way out to look for some MORE paper! lol I found some great deals, Joanns has a 50% coupon good till Sat the 22! Print 2 of them, cause ya' know, Micheals honors those coupons too!! 
So head on to my Coupons page and print those babys out, there is also one for Hobby Lobby for 40% off one item.  Just click on the above Coupon button, then click on the coupon itself, it will take you to a page where only the coupon is visible, right click the coupon and print.
(Just in case there was someone out there that need help printing) :)

And as always...Thanks for stopping by


  1. You are so so so lucky!!! Michaels!!! I am soooooooooooo jealous!!! so what did you buy??...what kinda goodies did you get? Luvya Missya.....Hugs Kimxx

  2. thanks for you work...marisa from AZ

  3. Oh my goodness! It is a good thing I did not see this yesterday...LOL! I had no idea Michael's accepted Joann's coupons. That is very dangerous for me to know now. LOL! So are you going to show what you purchased? Inquiring minds want to know. LOL! Have a good evening!


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