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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentine Card & Envie

HI!!! I'm back and have created a Valentine card, before you watch the video, take a guess what I used for a hint...its also used to put food in. lol I hope you all enjoy the following and that it inspires you to create!! 

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 I LOVE those!!! lol


  1. this is a great idea!!! Gotta run to Burger King to get my box! lol!!!

  2. Elsa, very cute concept like the idea of using the same template for the card and the holder. Thought you had someone behind the camera zooming in and out, didn't realize you have a crazy camera, haha. Just became a follower.

  3. this is awesome what else can I use as a template. I don't eat and fast food.

  4. Very nice. I don't eat burger king but I have a Cricut cartridge that has a box similar to that one. Will give it a try. TFS


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