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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wow, what day is it?? Look, I made FLOWERS!

Hi all...well apparently I missed  Wednesday all together! My days are starting to run into each other like one huge cluster.  I'm starting to think I DO need sleep! It's after 6am and I'm still up. I just can't go to sleep at night and then WHO can sleep all day???  Too much to do right?  but I love working in my craft room and creating is my obsession right now!

While I was waiting for sleep to catch me, I created this set of 6 flowers. Can you guess what I used to make them with? I think they turned out awesome!! I will be making more of these soon, just cause they were fun  and I think they will add to my projects.  I love 'em!  They are about 2" without measuring the length of the leaves. 2 of them have lace for leaves while the other 4 have prima leaves. They are ALL a brilliant white, I'm not sure why some of them look like their off white.
What do you  think??? Comments appreciated.
Wanna see them?? lol  ok here they are... (Hope you  like them.)

If enough interest I might put a tutorial on youtube soon.



  1. These are gorgeous!!

  2. Oh! Wow! Elsa....these are so pretty! I would definitely watch your tutorial if you do it about these flowers...Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. You are just so creative!! I love 'em!!

  4. OMG these are gorgeous - I thought they were crochet flowers. I would love your tutorial as I taught myself how to crochet flowers but I am trying to use the crochet string not yarn for less bulk.

    Yes - make a tutorial please.

  5. Oh my! so unique and beautiful Elsa! You are supper talented!

  6. These are beautiful. I would love to see a tutorial.

  7. wow! They are awesome!!! I love all of your tutorials. your video makes me smile(watching you and your daughter's conversation) :) Keep up with your good work and yes,please, I love to see the flower tutorial.(did you use doilies?)


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