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Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday and OHH What BIG eyes you have!, great 4th of July? Mine was! We had our kids and grandkids all together and we ate some really good food.  Ended the night with a lil'firework action in my front yard. Brandon loved it! It was a nice change from us driving downtown to the beach to see the pros put on a display...which is always awesome, but fighting the crowds after you spend fifteen minutes looking for parking is not very awesome.  Instead we stood around and did them ourselves. It brought back such wonderful memories for me, since that is how we used to do it when my girls were little.  All in all, it was a Blessed day and we have all those soilders who fought for our independance to thank! 

Ok...on with the craft.  Here to show is this set of 3 big eyes babies. lol too cute!

 I have always drawn big eyes on my creations. Mom said it was because I had such big eyes my self that I found it normal for everything else to have huge eyes! I don't know if that is the case or not, but looking back on all my drawing, everything I drew had huge eyes indeed! lol too funny.
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