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Friday, July 2, 2010

Butterfly Paper Bag Album for Fridays video & Brandon

Hi all...Notice anything different? hmmm? I changed the look of my blog! Went from baby girl pink to soft baby blue...awwww. I love it, I bore easily of the same old same old, must make changes! You all like?

Nothing much has happened all quiet around here, which is good. Today I plan on keeping Brandon hopefully thru Sat. I enjoy that lil fellow sooo much. Here is a pic of him on Halloween, almost a year ago! wow, how time flies, he is growing so fast. I can't find a recent picture right now to share with you all but I think he looks adorable here...notice how his eyes match his costume? yeah i did that! lol NOT...Aint he just a cutie pa-tu-dee!?  My heart I tell you!

Ok so enough of family show and for paper design creation...the following video went up on Youtube today and the album will show up on ebay Saturday July 3. You can find me by typing LLDT the name of my design team (LemonDrops & Lollipops) on the ebay search area , my ID is Justafeww.
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Huggs Elsa


  1. Beautiful album! It was fun to watch your video. I love butterlies, fairies and flowers too! Good luck with the sale.

  2. I received the adorable doily flowers, tysm Elsa! Love them!


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