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Saturday, January 26, 2013

SAVE THE DATE blog hop!

Hi!!!  Welcome to 2013!!! What better way to start the year,  than with a cute calender to pencil in upcoming project due dates!
Sure feels like for EVER since I last pulled an all nighter creating!! I enjoyed crafting again, even if I had to stay up till after 7am to complete it! Yeap, I procrastinated my self into a corner!  It was due or fail and there is no failing in this house!..sooo I finally completed my project a lil' bit after 3am. But then there was the video...the editing, the pictures, the blog, and can't forget facebook...oh my! lol Now with all that done, I can't wait to go see what the cubs created!   We have been shredding paper, gnawing on ribbon and playing with flowers trying to get our 2013 Calendars complete! Would love it if you would pounce over to everyone's blog and check out the different style Calendars  the baby cubs created!
After you check out MY  calendar, would sure appreciate if you would pounce on over to Krystals blog, she had A "WHOOT' of a time creating her calendar...(wink).

So do you have a calendar yet??? a pretty one? one you created??? I sure hope we inspired you to create one you can show off on your desk at work or give away as a gift!
OK now,  let me show you what I created...
It stands tall at 8" and has all sorts of flowers, bling and purdy Martha Stewart paper punch designs! Love it! I'm taking this in to work with me Monday to put on my desk!! It turned out pretty sturdy.  Who wants a tutorial??? give me a shout the video, it has more pictures and I show you how it works! Its only 2 pages with Calendars on either side, my vid here...SAVE THE DATE VIDEO.

 photo IMG_0032_zpsd0d7973c.jpg

Lots of I AM ROSES flowers... check her site here

 photo IMG_0016_zps7c1d78c6.jpg

These butterflies and flower are our very own Alphas's
designs...she crochet them! I love them!!! thanks KIMI!!
Visit her blog here...Unique Scrappiness
 photo IMG_0031_zps1da17313.jpg

 photo IMG_0030_zps18b04041.jpg

Do you like? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!
Thanks so much for stopping ROARRRRRRRRRRRR and pounce on over to the next blog...Krystals!!
and dont forget to ROAR WITH PRIDE!
oh oh oh...Also,  I wanted to tell you that each cub has created their very own FAN PAGE on Facebook!  If you follow the little cubby on the left side bar of my blog it will take you to a page where you can find all our pages...go leave us sum luv! or better yet click HERE.

here is the line up ...follow the paw prints ...



  1. Very beautiful our dear Alpha leader! I am always amazed at your talent and the gorgeous creations you come up with. Roaring with love this morning!!

  2. Gorgeous for sure! You have all inspired me to use some of the little 2013 match box size ones
    I have. Think I need to make a MAN like one for the male in my life too!! Pinkalicious Hugs, Jonnie

  3. OMG Those pics are beyond beautiful!!! I have to go watch the video. YOu amaze me. Even under pressure you create amazing things. LOL
    big Roarrrrrs Amiga querida

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous , gorgeous . Your mind works great under pressure. Love how it turn out.

  5. Elsa! Such a great idea and so beautiful to display! So cheery and bright! I love the format!

  6. Elsa, this is adorable!! How clever to do it this way!! Just beautiful, you ROCK, as always!!!

  7. Hi Elsa,

    This is such a beautiful creation, it'll be a shame to pack it away at the end of the year! TFS

    Alexis x

  8. This is very pretty! I love it and what a great idea!!

  9. Gorgeous calendar! Love all the layers and the flowers are great!

  10. Beautiful! I like that it's only two pages but packed on both sides with a lovely layout and trimmed with pretty flowers.


  11. This is super gorgeous!! It's so well balanced and arranged so neatly, with beautiful colors and awesome style! :) tfs Jen

  12. This is why you are our fearless leader! Fantastic calendar Elsa! Let's be sure WE don't procrastinate next month ... hahaha! Luv you lots!

  13. Gorgeous calendar :). Sometimes I do my best ork under pressure :)

  14. I love the calendar all the flowers very lovely great job

  15. Once again our fearless proved to be "Just In Time"!! This calendar is SPECTACULAR!! What I love most about it is that it is tall and not wide!! I may just try my hand at something like this!! LOVE it...Love you! Bon

  16. This is absolutely gorgeous Elsa! I have not made a calendar as of yet - bought the G45 Place in Time to make one, but have not had time to do it yet! Now that I am working in an office, I really need to get in gear! Can't wait to see all the different calendars to inspire me :) i can't seem to find the link for the video :( Will check back after I hop!

  17. Gorgeous!! I am like Bon, I might just have to try this one! Big hugs pretty lady! Violet

  18. Your calendar is truly gorgeous, and I love all the flowers for each month.

    Karen B.

  19. Just divine Sissy, love it all. It is all soooo pretty. {{{hugs}}} Kimi xxooxx

  20. Hi Elsa,
    OMG!! Love love Love it

  21. ...this is a beautiful project you made into the weee hours... lovely...

  22. Elsa. Your calendar it's just another thing. So original, unique....I love everything on your calendar. Saw the video too. Hugs!! Stay warm tomorrow!!! Cold front rapidly invading your area and mine too. XOXO

  23. this is gorgeous dI love your blog and projects just wish you would post more.................. read in one of your post that you can change a pdf or hand drawn image into an svg file. Do you have instructions on how to do it? Would love to learn. Thanks for any help you can give me


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