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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Something to get Stuck

Hello!! We survived the shopping mad craze! was y'alls Thanskgiving???  We had a lovely one, grandkids all over the place, good food, family and friends! I loved it. Brandi's 1st Thanksgiving meal was a great success!!! She did everything perfect and added her own flavor to the food!! So proud of her!!
Krystal and I did the whole black friday thing this year!! for the first time ever!! and it's my LAST time. What a crazy mess that was...OMG. We started at midnight Thanksgiving and attempted to shop at Walmart stayed there for an hour or two. Krystal best described it as, "walking down a high school isle right as the bed rang and all the students were rushing to get to the next class!"  I went bck out at 4am to Micheals and Joanns, by myself came back home at 7am...then Sat Kat and I went back out for a few hours. Needless to say today Sunday Im grounded. Going to enjoy the quiet and scrap!  I get alot of questions about the type of glue I use on my projects, so last night Kat and I did this video on Glue! so hope you enjoy, I have a couple of othre tips in this video, like how to add a switch to your glue gun!!! 
If you all havent had a chance, go show my Kitty Kat some love by visiting her blog over at  Much appreiated!!!

Oh the camera died on us, so we had to make this a 2fer. ((wink))

Now for the vids....

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  1. Hey Elsa, I'm so behind on watching videos or looking at anyone's blog. Sorry it's been so long since I've commented on anything. I have a little secret to share with you on the red tape (terrifically tacky red tape). I agree it can be very pricey but I found somewhere that you can order it cheaper. Here's the's a great deal on it with way more on the rolls. And also I tried to score tape for the first time about 3 weeks ago and I reallllly like it as well. It seems to hold as well as the red tape but you can shift it around better where with the red tape you pretty much have to use it in a completely straight line. I got mine at I hope that you find this to be some money saving tips for you. Hugs, Robin p.s. here is the link for the red tape....duhhh that would help huh? lol


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