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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Angel Card and a lil bit about Brandi

Hi all, I have been so busy creating, or trying to. Been really under the weather with flue symptoms! yuck! I get to feeling good one day and the next Im back in bed.  It's been so cold out, we are right in the middle of a cold front and I'm feeling it.
My christmas tree went up 2 days ago, whoyooo! Brandi put it up for me and she did a great job.  She is my LESS is Best girly...she didnt put HALF the onrnaments I put on the poor little tree, but to my surprise it looks awesome!!!   Love to sit in the living room with just the little lights on, so soothing, relaxing.

Brandi also started her own lil blog and joined Krytal and me over at the ebay Design Team...she is making mini albums and layouts. She also tells you a little something about her. My beautiful baby was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was 15. This was after 15 years of doctors saying it was the flue, it was strep throat, it was Bronchitis! I finally found a doc that took the time to run tests. The diag killed me and for months all I could do was cry,. But she is doing soooo good on her meds and her attitude is just awesome. She has a very mild case of CF, thank goodness, its not in her digestive system -- its only affecting her lungs
 :(.  The only good thing about the diagnosis was that she was finally able to get the meds  & treatments she needed.  The first day after she was diag, we came home, she took her med and for the first time in 15 years that child and the rest of the house hold was able to sleep thru the night with out coughing! It was a blessing.  All in all, Brandi is a great kid.  She is in her second semester in college and wants to be a teacher!!!  Please show her some love and visit her blog at:
I don't just come out and talk about it, but I figured if you all visit her blog and read it you would find out anyway since she has her meds and other info on there! lol

Ok now for this...

Im STILL tryin my hand at cards! not going to well, lol I think I attempted several cards before coming up with this one.  I always thought cards would be "Quick" and "Esay",,, ummmm WRONG! lol 
So here is my Angel current up for auction on ebay click HERE to go over to our auctions. JAFDT has several christmas project up for auction.  She is colored in with gel glitter pens and the purple ribbon flower is made by ME! ((I'm hooked on making those now!))

Ok well here is my card...

Well as always....
thanks for stopping by
huggens and  squeezens


  1. hi elsa this angel card is the most beautiful card i have ever seen! like i have said i love love angels and i believe everyone has one! you did a great job! hope you start feeling better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your friend

  2. this is the most beautiful card i have ever seen! you did a great job! and the angels are amazing and beautiful. the colors are beautiful as well.....
    feel better soon
    your friend


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