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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One more thing...

LADIES...I need a favor from ALL of you...this  Christmas all i asked for was  for "The Rock" everyone keep your fingers crossed that Santa drops him in on me with nothing but a huge red bow and a smile!!!! lmao so, everyone at the same time now, chant...HOPE ELSA GETS HER GIFT, HOPE ELSA GETS HER ROCK, HOPE ELSA GETS HER GIFT... LOL

Im on my way to have and early Christmas at my sons house...he has to work Christmas eve and Christmas day so we are having an early speical pizza filled day so we could share some happiness with him and my two grand kids, Destenie and Ryan.  

Have fun in what ever your all doing today!

hugs and kisses


  1. Hope Elsa gets her gift! ;) Have a Merry Christmas Elsa and if you don't get the Rock...don't give up!

  2. I have my fingers crossed along with my toes and my hair is braided so you get your ROCK, erg, I mean gift! LOL! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Elizabeth


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